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it's very faulty logic to say Phillips, as a plotter, wouldn't be in Dallas on that day for multiple reasons:

1) somebody had to be there. If nobody showed up there would be no assassination. And you are making the mistake of looking at the event through current-day eyes after years of Phillips' name appearing in print. Phillips wasn't by any means a public figure in 1963, nobody outside of the CIA knew who he was. And as I said, there had to be supervisory personnel in Dallas that day if there was, indeed, a plot.

2) There is no reason Phillips' brother or son, who confirmed the story, would lie about being told by Phillips he was there, and there was no reason Phillips would lie to his brother about being there.

3) And, anyway, if Phillips was NOT part of the plot, as you maintain, well, then, there is no reason he shouldn't be there.


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