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Ed Haslam's book Dr. Mary's Monkey: I want honest opinions

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I guess I should've read this thread before. I remembered this from the last time we had a JVB thread.

Here is an interesting review of Haslam's first book: Mary, Ferrie, and the Monkey Virus

I think it's the eighth review on the left had side. Review was written by an Avary Baker.

Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2000

Ed Haslam reveals that two -- maybe more--secret cancer research laboratories were connected with Tulane University, Dr. Alton Ochsner, and persons associated with the Kennedy assassination such as "Dr." David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald. Logical, organized, and intriguing, this book contains hard-to-find photos and a good map. Haslam did his homework: he may have discovered the murderers of eminent cancer research scientist and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mary Sherman, who was found with a missing arm, on fire, and full of knife wounds, one to her heart. His book gives the reader a picture of sabotage, biological blunders and anti-Castro lab activity, and gives us hints about where the AIDS epidemic came from. Since this happened in New Orleans in 1963-1964, there may have been a lot of reasons for all the cover-ups concerning Oswald, who lived only about a mile from Dr. Sherman and the high tech research facility where she seems to have secretly worked. Bring your brains along, though: this book forces you to rethink what many people take for granted about the role of Lee Oswald, the alleged assassin of JFK. "




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21 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

I don't recall how CBS had the idea passed on to them.

But Carol told me that, she volunteered to work for them in hopes that she could get some of her writing on the Paines on afterwards.

She also said that, at that time, Haslam was not convinced by Baker.  But as she worked on the case, she just did not find the story credible or cohesive.  And she also felt it was very much romanticized. And she could not understand why so many covert operators would expose themselves to meeting with her.

So she handed in her report.  But they did not do her Paine segment.  But further, she was really surprised how Haslam turned around and now accepted the Baker story.

Its really too bad that Carol just dropped out of the community.  She got sick when she was writing for Probe.  She had to undergo chemotherapy for cancer.  And from what I understand, from Max Good, she did not keep her files.

I have no problem saying, she was one of the best writers we ever published.

Carol was amazing--her, Steve Jones and Barbara LaMonica were the three Paine experts. They all faded away at the turn of the century. Kathleen Cunningham, a medical evidence expert, likewise gave up the ghost and donated all her archives to a Florida university and quit. I believe the end of the ARRB, the turn of the century, and 9/11 made some people think that was that.

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Haslam's book is very good for those that know real cancer research, history, and pathology..

The Polio Vaccine gang decided there were junk virus in their vaccines and SV-40 was not a junk virus issue.   It made a cancer pandemic issue.   They were warned of the SV-40 problems, but they ignored the warnings.

So, Nixon was placed in charge of the Polio Vaccine cover up and he classified SV-40 research starting in 1959 and it was not open again until 1999.

Haslam's dad knew Oschner and they knew Oschner knew Dr. Harold Urey----the fella that isolated deuterium.   He also became a big player in the Manhattan Projects Gas Diffusion Enrichment process that was built in Oak Ridge.

It was known early on that cancers depended in low intercellular ph, lots of insulin receptors on cells and so on.  This was called the Warburg Effect in Cancer etiology.

Part of the process that drives down intercellular pH also loads the cells inner membranes up with deuterium and deuterium since its isolation in 1931 was seen as a player in cancer triggering.

So, all this was known by the classified research, and the Oscher plan to off Castro for the CIA involved how to load up Castro with acidic foods and deuterium.    That could give Castro a nice lung tumor and kill him and part of that involved mutating SV-40 with radiation and selections of the most large tumors and repeating that selection process a few times to make a super SV-40 related cancer virus to kill Casto.

Not only was SV-40 classified research they wanted to control, the effects of deuterium in the cancer equation was also they wanted to totally control.

In New Orleans the CIA was hooked up with Carlos Marcello, and he with CIA person David Ferrie.   Ferrie picked up LHO for the cancer project and LHO was paid in cash by CIA and also by FBI.    LHO was also a deep cover agent for the Kennedys to gain information on CIA and Mafia.    JFK wanted both demolished.

The New Orleans gang learned LHO was a mole for JFK and LHO knew way too much on the kill Castro plot, and both the CIA and Mafia wanted LHO killed.    So, Carlos Marcello Owned Jack Ruby in Dallas, and that was where Oak Ridge was trying to have Ruby use his old Chicago Italian Mafia pals, Giancana's Gang, to kill off JFK in Dallas over the Atmospheric Test Ban deals with Russia and then the eventual shut down of nuke weapons productions in his next term.

So, Marcello got the deals cut to get LHO in Dallas and Ruby was his handler there to help the Chicago Mafia's hit gang kill JFK in Dallas and in that process frame up LHO and kill him as the shooter of JFK.

That did not play out so well, as LHO escaped death on the 22nd, and he knew too much.   Since the screw up was on Ruby's head he either had to get someone to kill LHO in jail or do it himself.     As Ruby was going to be hit by the Mafia for screwing all that up.   So, Ruby, being Jewish, is all worried that if the world found out all the deuterium secrets connected with deuterium going way back in history that there would be Pogroms Against the Jews.    So, the Ruby logic was he had to kill LHO to protect the Jews from Pogroms that would come from LHO knowing and telling the deuterium and human health secrets.

It is very simple history and knowledge well known by the USAEC's nuclear weapons complex on the long history of deuterium in religion, Gods, and all that.

These days lots of the deuterium and cancer causality issues are coming out in public research and they cannot hide that any longer.   But, deuterium's use was part of the CIA's kill Castro Projects.

Haslam's book gets closer to these issues than all the others.  Oscher knowing well Urey is the key to cancer research and its link to deuterium.

Ref---Deuterium and Cancers:


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On 9/24/2020 at 8:30 PM, James DiEugenio said:

This is her is it not?

Is it from the first edition of the book?

Yes, Judyth acknowledged to me to be the Avery Baker that wrote that review.  Convenient tie-in with my hypothesis that they were working together all along...

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2 hours ago, Rob Clark said:

That's almost as good an alias as O. H. Lee...😂

Trump once called the author of the Fortune 500 most wealthy list and using a false name and trying to affect his own speaking voice told him that Donald Trump was worth far more than the reporter had initially claimed.

True story!

Do you think Judy Vary Baker ever did something similar? Or Oswald?

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8 hours ago, Joe Bauer said:

Trump once called the author of the Fortune 500 most wealthy list and using a false name and trying to affect his own speaking voice told him that Donald Trump was worth far more than the reporter had initially claimed.

True story!

Do you think Judy Vary Baker ever did something similar? Or Oswald?

I don't know about Lee Oswald, but Judyth is shameless...

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19 minutes ago, Jim Harwood said:

Get rid of the British. They killed JFK

Diana Spencer, sure.  JFK?!  Nah.

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