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Gary Mack's absolutely absurd explanation for officer Chaney's ride forward.

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Officer Chaney claimed as soon as JFK was hit in the head he rode forward 300 feet to Curry's car to inform him that JFK was shot and to divert to Parkland. The Nix and Z film contradict Chaney, they shows Chaney pulling to a stop and Curry leaving the plaza without Chaney ever riding up.
 The problem is Chaney's ride forward to Curry has multiple witnesses. I posted some facts about this a year ago but I wanted to detail all the absurdities surrounding Mack's impossible story. First the witnesses.

1. Hargis said Chaney "dropped it in first gear and rode forward. 

2. Chief Jesse Curry (in lead car, in front of the Presidential limousine), April 15, 1964: “I heard a sharp report. We were near the railroad yards at the time, and I didn’t know—I didn’t know exactly where this report came from, whether it was above us or where, but this was followed by two more reports, and at that time I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw some commotion in the President’s caravan and realized that proba- bly something was wrong, and it seemed to be speeding up, and about this time a motorcycle officer, I believe it was Officer Chaney rode up be- side us and I asked if something happened back there and he said, ‘Yes,’ and I said, ‘Has somebody been shot?’ And he said, ‘I think so.’ ” [Warren Commission testimony: 12H28]

3. Winston Lawson (Secret Service agent, in the lead car ahead of the Presi- dential limousine), April 23, 1964: “... I recall noting a police officer pulled up in a motorcycle alongside of us, and mentioned that the Presi- dent had been hit.” [Warren Commission testimony: 4H353]

4. Forrest Sorrels (Secret Service agent, in the lead car in front of the Presi- dential limousine), May 7, 1964: “Within about 3 seconds, there were two more similar reports. And I said, ‘Let’s get out of here’ and looked back, all the way back, then, to where the President’s car was, and I saw some confusion, movement there, and the car just seemed to lurch forward. And, in the meantime, a motorcycle officer had run up on the right-hand side and the chief yelled to him, ‘Anybody hurt?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘Lead us to the hospital.’ And the chief took his microphone and told them to alert the hospital, and said, ‘Surround the building.’ He didn’t say what building. He just said, ‘Surround the building.’ ” [Warren Com- mission testimony: 7H345]
5. Officer Starvis also verified that saw and heard Chaney ride forward and give the message to Curry.

Five credible witnesses saw this happen so why might the films not reflect this? Well IF a limo stop was removed from the films they would have to remove Chaney's ride forward too. Without a short limo stop there is no way for Chaney to get ahead of the limo enough to have a conversation with Chaney before the limo overtakes him.

   Sometime in the 80's Gary Mack came forward with an explanation. He said several of the people involved, I think it was Chaney, Curry and Hargis? came to him separately and said the meeting between Chaney and Curry actually happened on the on ramp to the Stemmons after they left the plaza. But when you unpack this absurd explanation it stinks.
If Chaney remained in the plaza what would he have seen and heard?
1. At the  head shot agent Kinney(Driving the Beast) radios " President shot  Get to Parkland and turns on his siren"
2. Jackie is on the trunk and Hill jumps on limo.
3. Limo starts to speed away. Kellerman gives 2nd emergency radio call.
4. Hargis runs across the street with gun drawn.
5. Curry sees the limo racing towards him and floors his Galaxy 500( a extra hot production engine)
6. The limo and Curry race out of the plaza together.

Absurd fact 1. Chaney decides that he must go catch Curry to tell him that JFK was shot and most important that we should divert to Parkland! But the fact that Curry and the limo are racing away combined with the radio calls and siren should tell Chaney they already know!
2. So Chaney proceeds to chase after Curry and Mack said the Mcintyre photo shows him(If it is Chaney) to be 800 feet back from Curry. So he should expect to catch up somewhere down the Stemmons freeway. But if Chaney can see Curry and the limo speeding towards the on ramp would he not get a clue that the motorcade is racing to Parkland?
3. Chaney is trying to deliver the most important and time sensitive message he will likely ever give yet instead of using his radio he decides to chase them down the freeway. If the radio had been to busy to get through it would have been talk about getting to parkland which would have told Chaney that everyone was already informed.
4. Lucky for Chaney(According to Gary Mack) the motorcade came to halt on the on ramp just long enough for him to catch up and tell curry JFK had been shot and to divert to Parkland. Now it is likely true that the motorcade did stop there for a second. It is supported by hoffman who said there was a big delay before he saw the limo on the on ramp and two newer witnesses who said the limo stopped because Jackie tried to jump out! Maybe a delayed flight reaction to the bullets landing so near her? The absurd part is Mack's explanation as to why they stopped. He said that Curry said he did not know if anyone was hit(Since Chaney never told him in he plaza) so he stopped to see if anyone was hit! So the president may be hit but you are going to stop and check him out?? SS agents, not doctors are going to waste time checking his clothing and looking for bullet holes in his body? I believe the protocol when shots are fired is to go straight to the hospital and then determine if he needs care.
 Mack gave a second part of the explanation and said since Greer didn't know how to get to parkland Curry stopped to make sure he knew. How is Greer going to get lost with Curry and several motorcycles right in front of him? You usually get separated by getting caught at a red light or the driver in front doesn't check the rear view enough. What is completely absurd about both explanations is not just that Curry would not stop, he had a radio and could have addressed both issues without ever stopping.

On top of all that Curry's testimony makes it clear he spoke to Chaney in the plaza. Chaney also said he clearly heard two people yell "Get to Parkland from the limo when the limo caught him under the triple overpass. Hill and Greer or Kellerman verified they were the ones yelling "Get to Parkland" when they caught Curry under the Triple overpass. So why would Curry need to stop to check if anyone was hit after they are screaming "Get to Parkland"? The first radio call also stated JFK was shot.

Gary Macks story is a total mess. The only logical conclusion is he lied when he said they all came to him independently and gave this same nonsensical story.



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