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St. John Hunt's posting on Facebook today

Douglas Caddy

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I'm so sad to know that Drew has passed away. What a shock! Drew was my first girlfriend way back in 1972. We were in love and we were strong together. Drew was my rock during Watergate. She knew and was good friends with my Mother,Dorothy. When my mother returned from Europe during the height of Watergate, my mother handed me around 7 or 8 thousand dollars and said "why don't you and Drew buy yourselves a van, and go on a vacation?"

So we did. From Potomac Maryland we drov...e the Northern route West, stopping at many National Parks. Arriving in California I met Boettica and Peter, staying in their home for a short time. We went south along the coast and in Texas we searched for peyote in the desert. Arriving back in Potomac we were shocked to see that the frenzy surrounding Watergate was worse than ever.

At our home,"Witches Island" Drew and I converted a small rabbit hut into a place where we could be together during the night. We had a mattress on the floor, electricity and windows framed with lovely curtains that Drew made. It looked like a mini barn. Witches Island(the name my mom gave was 14 acres and much of it was heavily wooded so our little hut looked so cool at night; a little house, lights glowing warmly, nestled in the woods, far away from the storm that rained down on our lives. Mom was killed that December and Drew was once again strong and gentle surrounding me with a halo of love.

She had a friend named Chuck Kyle who lived in an old farm house way out in rural Wisconsin called The Katz Bros. farm. She got in touch with him about my band moving out there, he said yes and we fled D.C. and Watergate to become rock and rollers/farmers. Drew was our guiding light showing us how to plan a garden, grow vegetables, can the foods, and prepare for winter. I could go on with many tales of great times, hard times, tripping on window pane acid and getting our groove on but I must stop this running monologue.

I remember as if it were yesterday being with Tricia, Boetika, Karen, Shelly,Marsha John and Roger. Such life and love. I miss those "Holmes girls" that have passed; and I'm heartbroken that Drew is gone. Gone isn't the right word because she lives in my heart and mind, my dreams...I will never ever forget those girls and Drew, my first love, I will always love you, now and forever.

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