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       Yo, fellas, since David Andrews posted some stuff by guys from his old high school, I'm going to crash this underground punk party with two soulful tunes by guys from my old high school, Denver East-- alma mater of Douglas Fairbanks, Judy Collins, and Jack Kerouac's road-tripping pal, Neal Cassidy.

      Phillip Bailey-- one of the founders of Earth, Wind, and Fire-- graduated from Denver East in 1969, along with EW&F saxophonist Andrew Woolfolk.
     Bailey has a vocal range of four octaves, and is best known for the falsetto vocals of EW&F.
    EW&F recorded their first platinum album-- Way of the World-- at the Caribou Ranch near Nederland, Colorado in 1975. 
Damn, these guys were good!!
    Go, East Angels!!




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12 hours ago, W. Niederhut said:

       Yo, fellas, since David Andrews posted some stuff by guys from his old high school

Well, college, actually.  They just sound like high school.  Hose did have a following, though:


But not like this guy...


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On 11/23/2020 at 6:19 PM, David Andrews said:

Green on Red, also "Paisley Underground," and running buddes of The Dream Syndicate:


That's pretty cool Mr. Andrews. 

I had never heard of Green on Red until relatively recently in my music appreciation life-cycle (within the past 10 years). "Gravity Talks", from the album named the same, is on my exercise play list.

The whole "Paisley" sound was new to me, but I think The Bangles are regarded as a Paisley influenced band, if not the only one to find commercial success. 

I remember "paisley" the pattern, was popular in my Catholic HS back in the mid-80s and we all wore paisley ties for about a year. I think all of our dads had old ugly paisley ties in their closets from when it first was popular in the late 60s. I never gave the 80s paisley trend much thought until somehow I found Green on Red and now I'm wondering if our ties were an actually considered trendy, rather than just ugly, which is what I thought I was going for.  



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