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JFK Cultism is a plague attacking intelligent study

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If the derangement of the never-Trumpers who decided that the truth about Clinton's paid-for dossier, and Biden's big pay offs from foreign governments would never see mainstream media exposure until after the recent and controversial election, then the JFK Cult that drowns out an open-minded reevaluation of the Warren Report, seems to be walking hand-in-hand down that same alleyway in darkness.

Because Clinton's paid-for fiction is now beginning to be exposed by more than a limited few outlets, and Biden's corrupt peddling is also being reported at last, surely enough time has now passed by to allow an honest and open-minded examination of who killed JFK and why?

At the moment we see the same (old) slabs of never-ending and repetitive text which all seems to have one goal in mind: obfuscation of who murdered JFK, and why did they do it?

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