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Phil Nelson on The Murder of Clint Peoples

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Billie Sol Estes introduced me to U.S.. Marshal Clint People in early 1984 and I subsequently worked with Marshall Peoples to solve the murder of Henry Marshall. Marshal Peoples was one of the most honorable and impressive persons I have ever had the privilege to know.

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1 hour ago, Dawn Meredith said:

Very curious as to what Peoples intended to show at his press conference.  I did not know that the fingerprint had been matched by anyone before my dear friend Nathan Darby. 

I was surprised to learn this also. I shall contact Phil for any additional info he may have.  Happy holidays to you.

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How many people can walk into a public place in broad daylight, pull a gun and blast several holes into an unarmed person killing them ( no matter if inspired by wife or other lover cheating jealousy ) and then be convicted by a courtroom jury of murder with malice...and then immediately be let go "scot free" by the presiding judge?

Malcolm Wallace's overruled jury conviction was one of the most corrupt actions in Texas legal history. So outrageously and blatantly corrupt any normal judicial review board in the country would have immediately thrown out the decision and the judge.

But not in LBJ controlled Travis County Texas.

The Wallace walk free story tells us all how corrupt Texas was under control of LBJ and his benefactors like Ed Clark. That state was it's own organized crime syndicate operation with Clark, LBJ and others as Godfathers.

Wallace under LBJ's controlling mentorship, his marriage disintegrating, descent into alcoholism and who knows what sordid sexual relationship with LBJ's nymphomatic, bi-sexual sister Josepha ( who was also sleeping with Wallace's murder victim ) finally had the ultimate breakdown...murderous madness. 

Yet, unlike 99.999% of aggressive, intentional, unarmed victim murder committing and murder conviction persons, he spends no time in jail, no time in an institution?

 Was he even ordered to pay restitution or burial fees for his victim?

Once someone crosses the mental line of committing brutal non-self defense, broad daylight in front of others murder like Wallace...they can never be the same as before.  The brain, emotional and character wiring is permanently altered. 

And how much is such a person indebted and beholden to someone who got them out of a murder conviction and twenty years of hard jail time like LBJ did for Wallace?

In the corrupt world of organized crime that ultimate debt equates into total blood loyalty. No payback demand can be refused.

Did this mean Wallace became LBJ's personal hitman? His very own Frankenstein monster?

It wouldn't be illogical at all to consider Wallace's ultimate over-the-line broken mental state and feeling of ultimate indebtedness to LBJ as a strong circumstantial element of just such a relationship.

Somebody brutally murdered Henry Marshall. There is no debate about this reality. And who benefited the most by Marshall's death?

Wallace was a dark, damaged and obviously extremely violent man. A very strong and athletic man. Pictures of his face and expression are almost always that of a darkly ominous, non-smiling even scary stare man.

And there was at least one witness near the Henry Marshall property who described a man strongly resembling Wallace asking for directions earlier on the day of Marshall's killing.

Fellow LBJ connected big time crook Billy Sol Estes knew the truth about Henry Marshall.

Isn't it time we quit pretending he didn't? 

Isn't it time we faced the full ugly truth about the super corrupt LBJ?

And grow up and out of the Robert Caro LBJ mythology?







Edited by Joe Bauer
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The picture of Marshall Clint Peoples in Doug's original thread post link looks exactly like "The Lone Ranger" on his big white horse "Silver" only without People's wearing the eye mask. White cowboy hat included.

Guess he was a real life "Lone Ranger."

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Joe: Clint Peoples was the classic great Texas Ranger, an honest and dedicated man. The photo of him on the horse shows the real man.

Also your remarks about Mac Wallace are right on target. Clint Peoples never faltered in his pursuit that LBJ and Wallace be exposed for what they were.

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On 12/21/2020 at 12:03 PM, Joe Bauer said:

How many people can walk into a public place in broad daylight, pull a gun and blast several holes into an unarmed person killing them ( no matter if inspired by wife or other lover cheating jealousy ) and then be convicted by a courtroom jury of murder with malice...and then immediately be let go "scot free" by the presiding judge?

Malcolm Wallace's overruled jury conviction was one of the most corrupt actions in Texas legal history. So outrageously and blatantly corrupt any normal judicial review board in the country would have immediately thrown out the decision and the judge.



The presiding judge in the Mac Wallace trial was Charles O. Betts. Here's some info on Betts"

A History of the Texas State Guard” by Colonel Curren R. McLane


Members of the Special Staff of the Texas State Guard Reserve Corps were:

Judge Advocate Section: Col. Charles O. Betts, Austin.”



Texas Adjutant General's Department:

An Inventory of Texas State Guard/Texas Defense Guard/Texas State Guard Reserve Corps Records at the Texas State Archives, 1938-1983, undated (bulk 1941-1945)

"When the Texas National Guard was demobilized in 1947, the 50th Legislature (by Senate Bill 361) created the Texas State Guard Reserve Corps (TSGRC), to provide a reservoir of military strength for use by the state in time of national or state emergency, when any part of the Texas National Guard was called into federal service. When so activated, this Texas State Guard Reserve Corps would function as the Texas State Guard (TSG). The Governor of Texas appointed a Commanding General for the Texas State Guard Reserve Corps, to be supervised by the Adjutant General of Texas. Initially the state was divided into twelve districts, each with a colonel as regimental commander."

Austin Sunday American Statesman Newspaper Archives

Sunday, June 04, 1950 - Page 19

Judge Charles O. Betts, former 10th District commander, told the group of the State Guard’s service during the war years, and of the legislation which continued the Texas State Guard Reserve Corps in permanent status subject to active service at any time the National Guard may be called into federal service.”

The 10th District was headquartered in Austin.


More on Charles O. Betts:



Regardless, the jury found (Mac) Wallace guilty of murder and eleven of the panelists wanted the death penalty while one suggested life in prison. The judge in the case, Charles O. Betts, issued a “jury verdict notwithstanding” and gave Wallace a five year suspended sentence.”




The jury found (Mac) Wallace guilty of "murder with malice afore-thought". Eleven of the jurors were for the death penalty. The twelfth argued for life imprisonment. Judge Charles O. Betts overruled the jury and announced a sentence of five years imprisonment. He suspended the sentence and Wallace was immediately freed. “


John Simkin in the Education Forum December 2, 2006.



In 1944 Byrd founded Byrd Oil Corporation and B-H Drilling Corporation. In 1952 Byrd established the Three States Natural Gas Company. Byrd later sold Byrd Oil to Mobil and Three States to Delhi-Taylor. Byrd used this money to invest in aircraft production and established Temco. A company that employed Mac Wallace after he was convicted of killing John Kinser.”


John Simkin in the Education Forum December 3, 2006, quoting Richard Bartholomew (http://www.acorn.net/jfkplace/09/fp.back_i...e/rambler3.html)



Mac Wallace, who received a five-year suspended sentence in the shooting death of John Douglas Kiner in Austin on October 22, 1951, went to work for Temco, Inc. of Garland, Texas five months after his trial. He remained in that position until February 1961, four months before Henry Marshall's mysterious death on June 3, 1961, when he transferred to the Anaheim, California offices of LTV.


"Still more LTV intrigues were revealed by Peter Dale Scott: "A fellow-director of [Jack Alston] Crichton's firm of Dorchester Gas Producing was D.H. Byrd, an oil associate of Sid Richardson and Clint Murchison, and the LTV director who teamed up with James Ling to buy 132,000 shares of LTV in November 1963.”


Corsicana Daily Sun” from Corsicana, Texas March 31, 1970 Page 10


The building (the Texas School Book Depository) is owned by the Dallas Trust Corp. The majority stockholder of the firm, Col. D. Harold Byrd, 69, has decided to liquidate some of his holdings.”


Photograph of Charles O. Betts:



"This photograph is part of the collection entitled: Rescuing Texas History, 2009 and was provided by the Austin History Center, Austin Public Library to The Portal to Texas History, a digital repository hosted by the UNT Libraries. "


Steve Thomas


Edited by Steve Thomas
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I would like to understand the article's basis for saying Clint Peoples had discovered the Mac Wallace/TSBD fingerprint identification prior to his intended press conference and then death in 1992, when the basis for that fingerprint identification, Nathan Darby, is said to have made his study and affidavit ca. 1998. Quoting from the Darby 1998 affidavit, "Recently I received a photocopy of an inked print along with a photocopy of a latent print from [Texas researcher]. After careful and extended examination of the inked print photocopy and the latent print photocopy given me, I have their identifying characteristics marked and numbered ..." etc.

How then could Clint Peoples in 1992 have known of Nathan Darby's 1998 Mac Wallace/TSBD fingerprint identification? The article also is not clear as to who claimed Clint Peoples believed that in 1992. What is the evidence or source testimony for that? I hope that this article's claim of a Clint Peoples connection to the TSBD/ Mac Wallace fingerprint is not someone's speculative reconstruction presented as fact. 

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  • 8 months later...

I recently obtained a copy of Joan Mellon's 'Faustian Bargains' (2016) from Malcolm Blunt's collection.  In that publication she covers LBJ & Mac Wallace's biographies and associations.

The book also covers the so called Wallace fingerprint discovered on a box on the 6th floor of the TSBD.  Originally investigated by DPD Officer J. Harrison with Walt Brown.  It was these two that had Nathan Darby examine a photocopy of the TSBD print with a copy of Wallace's prints from Austin taken at the time of the Kinser case.  Darby declared matching points.  Harrison & Brown also employed E. Hoffmeister to confirm Darby's findings.  After agreeing with Darby's verdict, Hoffmeister retracted.

Mellon re-investigated the so called Wallace print & discovered that Darby's fingerprint examiner accreditation had expired at the time of working for Harrison & Brown.  She employed a Robert Garrett a certified latent print examiner from Denver.  After seeing the copies of the prints that Darby had worked with, he declared them too poor quality to obtain certain results, so Mellon got high quality copy of the Wallace print from NARA and better quality Wallace prints from U.S. Marine Corp that Wallace had submitted during WWII.  According to Garrett there was no match from Wallace's prints to the TSBD print.  Mellon also obtained a statement from Wallace's son who was just a schoolboy in Nov. '63.  He recalls JFK's assassination & states that he was living with his father in California at that time.  Mac Wallace was employed at Ling Electronics and son Michael remembers his father returning home from work that day.

The above calls into serious question statements of Madeleine Brown of Wallace on a shooting range in Dallas days prior to events in Dealey Plaza.  Also, many link LBJ to the plot with the Wallace fingerprint link. Then there is the man seen with horn-rim glasses on the 6th floor & walking along Houston St., that many suspect to be Mac Wallace.  'The Men on the Sixth Floor' by Sample & Collom also include Wallace as a shooter. 

 It appears, if Joan Mellon's work is kosher, that the fingerprint remains unidentified.

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Thanks Pete Mellor. With the refutation of the Nathan Darby fingerprint identification--not because his credential certificate had expired (immaterial to me) but because his fingerprint match itself has been shown mistaken (I am convinced above all on this point by here: http://www.clpex.com/images/Darby-Wallace-Analysis/Erroneous-Match.htm )--that means the whole Mac Wallace is one more rabbit hole of no relevance to the JFK assassination. 

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U.S. Marshall Clint Peoples who was a former Texas Ranger who tracked Billie Sol Estes and Mac Wallace for decades told me that Mac Wallace was a stone cold killer. Those of us who live in Texas and know about what went down when LBJ ruled the Lone Star State with a iron fist are not surprised that others who were not or are not on the scene here would have a different view. 

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On 9/22/2021 at 3:39 PM, Norman T. Field said:

Mr. Caddy, 

Any comments on Joan Mellon's recent 'debunking' of the Mac Wallace stories? IMHO, there are far too many of these tales to suggest that they are a myth created after the fact. 

Thank you. 


Joan Mellon debunking Mac Wallace "stories?"

Sounds to me that the only Mac Wallace story she is debunking is the TXSBD fingerprint one.

When Wallace quit TEMCO 4 months before Henry Marshall's beating and shooting death, was he already in California? Or still living in Texas? 

Wallace's unbelievable reprieve from a murder conviction in Texas after a court trial jury found him guilty of murder with malice is the white elephant in the room here.

LBJ getting him off was an exercise of corrupt power and influence to a mind boggling degree.

That almost unprecedented power move tells me everything I need to know regards how corrupt and powerful LBJ really was even back in 1951/52 and seemingly so many others in his and Ed Clark's state.

Like I said, what does someone owe to a Godfather who actually got him off a jury verdict murder conviction like LBJ did for Wallace?  IMO...if LBJ told Wallace to kill someone for him, there is the most powerful justification for Wallace feeling he had to do this for the man that kept him out of prison throughout the prime of his life.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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