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My Open Letter on JFK and Civil Rights

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Let me say this, I think Pat Speer is going to turn out to be correct on Steven Gillon.  First there was his horrendous TV special with Dale Meyers at the anniversary. 

Then there was this last month.  https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/steven-gillon-mark-lane-equals-donald-trump

Then as I was doing this reply to Joe Scarborough and Logevall, I detected a talk GIllon did at Miller Research Center, the former home of Max Holland. He actually said LBJ thought Kennedy was not pressing enough on civil rights! Johnson is the guy who voted against every civil rights bill in congress for two decades!  Then when Ike and Nixon trapped him into fashioning one, it was so much milquetoast Kennedy did not even want to vote for it. After writing this, I don't know who is worse: academia or the MSM.  I won't hold my breath for a reply.



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Doug Caddy posted this on Facebook.  

Thanks so much Doug.

I think its really a myth to give LBJ the credit for civil rights at Kennedy's expense.

In reality I think its a way to curry favor with the MSM.  Like saying Oswald did it. But it seems that certain academics understand the way the game is played, like Gillon and the other three I named in this.  The problem is, as with the facts of the JFK murder, this also does not align with the record.

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