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Priscilla Johnson and Oswald

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Yesterday I had a three hour telephone conversation with a close friend who knows a lot about a lot of things. It was he who arranged for me to speak with Marina Oswald a few years ago and on one occasion she telephoned me.

Here are a few highlights of what he told me on the phone. 

He knew someone who worked in Guy Banister's office in New Orleans. The fellow told him that on more than one occasion when Banister was not in the office the telephone would ring and it was J. Edgar Hoover calling. My friend said that Hoover and Banister worked closely together because of the threat of communism. Banister was Oswald's handler in New Orleans and when Banister died a large amount of Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets were found in his office.

My friend said that Oswald was very intelligent. He was also bi-sexual. He cited Priscilla Johnson's book, Marina and Lee, in which Priscilla wrote that Oswald frequently had difficulty getting an erection. My friend said that Oswald was a teen age hustler when he and his mother lived above a bar on Exchange Street in New Orleans,  the most notorious block in the French Quarter. Oswald's sexuality may have formed during this period. Oswald and I were in high school in New Orleans at the same time but we attended different schools.  (i have written previously in the forum about how I worked with Banister during my high school years on organized crime in the Big Easy.)

I told my friend on the phone about Clay Shaw telling Phil, my friend in Houston, when they were at a breakfast together in New Orleans in 1972 that Oswald was a double agent. Jim Eugenio recently wrote about his interview with Phil about this. My friend yesterday said that he thought Oswald did fire some of the shots from the Sixth Floor but maybe missed JFK purposely because his role in the conspiracy was that of being an informer. 

There is a big story behind about how and why Gary Francis Power's plane was brought down in Russia. Oswald and Marina attended Power's trial later..

Priscilla worked for the North American Newspaper Alliance as its reporter in Russia, which is why she was able to interview Oswald when he lived in Minsk. The North American Newspaper Alliance was a CIA operation. It one time asked me to write a series of six articles about organized labor's political operations. I did not learn until years later of its relationship to the CIA.

Be sure to watch Priscilla Johnson's comments on JFK in the video below, which are perceptive and accurate, and Oswald's Ghost that immediately follows it.




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14 hours ago, Jamey Flanagan said:

Douglas, did your source or sources happen to say anything about an intimate relationship between Priscilla and Marina Oswald? Just curious because I have read that several times over the years but it's usually just speculation mostly I think.


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Interesting, Doug, You've come up with some very thought provoking things lately.  How did you come to know and work with Bannister and what specifically was the work involving organized crime? Do you personally  have any insights into  Bannister that we haven't heard?

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Two citizens, Kent and Phoebe Courtney, in 1954 sponsored a rally in Audubon Park to support Senator McCarthy in his censure fight. My parents suggested I attend as we lived close to the park. About 40 people attended. At the rally Kent asked me to set up a card table in the french quarter to collect signatures on a pro-McCarthy petition, which I did. Then the Courtneys started a bi-weekly conservative newspaper, Free Men Speak, and I helped on its publication after high school each day. Then Kent invited mm to a Toastmasters breakfast.  Then he asked me to attend with him meetings at the Roosevelt Hotel that Guy Banister sponsored. At the time Banister was Asst. Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Dept. The purpose of the meetings was to develop plans to implement the Aaron Cohn Crime Commission recommendations to combat organized crime in the city. Later Banister left the police department and started his sown private investigator business. In 1959 when I was enrolled at Georgetown University and home for the summer Banister, Medford Evans and I spoke at a public rally for conservatives. 

In 1955-56 while I was still high school and attending these meetings with Banister, Oswald was attending a different high school. He lived with his mother above a bar on Exchange Place in the French Quarter, a short walk from where Banister had his police office. So Oswald, Banister and I were within walking distance during this period but of course none of us knew what the future held. Jump ahead to 1963 and Banister was Oswald's handler in New Orleans and in 1972 I represented Howard Hunt in Watergate who since has been linked to JFK assassination. 

The friend I spoke with on the phone the other day said Banister was deeply involved in the Citizen Councils. I think he kept J. Edgar Hoover abreast of what was happening in  these groups. Next time I speak with my friend I shall ask him if he has any knowledge of Banister talking to Hoover on the phone about Oswald when Oswald was distributing Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets.

A few days after Banister died, Kent Courtney telephoned Mrs. Banister who informed him that she in the midst of burning all of her husband;s files in the fireplace. 


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