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JFK assassination author Harry Livingstone November 1998 (2 programs)- includes his Today show debate with Gerald Posner

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7 hours ago, Vince Palamara said:

Livingstone may have been a very difficult person to personally deal with but his JFK conspiracy presentation in the first part of this video is as reasonable, rational and relevant as any today imo.

In the second interview conducted by Katie Couric, where Livingstone and Posner have just a very brief back and forth, I believe Livingstone again came across as the much more informed presenter.

Posner ( who in this interview looks laughably like a perfect central casting sinister Star Trek Romulan general or Count Dracula character ) will to me always be the credibility ruined writer whose steadfast "Case Closed" book claim that David Ferrie and Oswald never knew, met or interacted with each other was embarrassingly disproven by the famous photo of Oswald right there in a David Ferrie Civil Air Patrol camp cook out which was kept and outed by another young man who was in this photo as well.

Livingstone is of course intensively invested in the area of an autopsy photo and Zapruder film manipulation coverup and other areas of evidence deception. 

Posner was falsely promoting that Livingstone thought the "entire Zapruder film" was fake when Livingstone was claiming "parts of it" were altered.

Not anywhere close to the level of investigative effort of someone like Livingstone but for what it's worth, I wonder why more focus isn't placed on the wildly contradictory evidence and testimony regards JFK's brain and it's study and stated findings in the official autopsy report.

Reading and listening to Bethesda navy corpsmen Paul O'Conner and James Jenkins accounts of JFK's brain throughout the autopsy ( and these two - O'Conner especially - were close to if not inches away from JFK's skull throughout most of the autopsy and with Jenkins publicly stating he was actually handed an almost 1/3rd missing JFK's brain or "someone's" brain by Humes or Boswell?) plus reading Humes own AARB testimony where he was at a complete loss to explain no weighing of JFK's brain and no weight being listed in his first report, yet with a 1400 gram "full brain" weight listed later in the final autopsy report, this ridiculously scattered and contradictory JFK brain testimony scam is a ... "no brainer!"

And JFK's supposed larger than a normal brain 1400 gram weight brain goes missing soon after the autopsy? 

Oh Please!

Just by watching the Zapruder film anyone can see the huge amount of brain matter exploding out and up from JFK's massively obliterated head and skull bone blow out.

Bits of JFK's brain were found throughout the limo and even on the faces and bodies of his DPD motorcycle escorts directly behind him. Jackie also handed one of the Parkland hospital emergency treating pysicians a part of JFK's brain she had been morbidly holding in her hand according to his own video interview account. That's a lot of brain tissue.

Any high powered rifle bullet entering the back of JFK's head and ripping through the entire length of JFK's brain and exiting out the right front of JFK's skull had to have caused incredible interior damage to the brain while doing so.

The Navy medical tech corpsman James Jenkins stated the brain he was handed was ( according to his interview claim ) normal looking except for a missing chunk on the back side of it that was slightly less than "a third" of its over-all mass. ???

Yet, in the Zapruder film, we clearly see a huge spray emanate out and upward from the right front of JFK's bone flap exploding head and that is as much solid looking as just liquid ( imo ) and again, with solid brain matter chunks found inside the limo and on the motorcycle officers themselves.

My point is that multiple accounts by those right around JFK at the time of the headshot all report seeing not just fluid blood spray, but actual physical brain matter sprayed all around or even on them.

How much of JFK's brain would have to be blown out to cover all the brain matter seen areas testified to?

Hume's professed memory missing account of JFK's brain weighing or when and how he removed the brain ( autopsy assisting brain removal trained medical tech O'Conner testified there were no brain removal saw marks on JFK's skull, ever ) or who he even handed it to or where it disappeared to is suspiciously incongruous and contrary to his often arrogantly cocksure and offended minded toned other autopsy recollections testimony we see in the AARP report.

The Humes JFK brain refrain stays mainly in the unsustained plane ... imo.

Quirky coincidence regards Livingstone.

He and Mae Brussell both lived here on the Monterey Peninsula as I have all my life.

I used to listen to Brussell all the time on local radio. Our local paper ( The Monterey Herald) did a decent size write up on Livingstone many years ago, highlighting his JFK conspiracy research study efforts and books.

Oh, and lastly, in the beginning of the video link we see a mention and a picture of what is called "a tiny" bullet fragment found on the front floorboard of the JFK limo after the shooting. Supposedly part of the bullet which obliterated JFK's skull and brain.

Is this the fragment the Warren Report decided made the indentation with lifted surrounded metal in the top middle part of the limo windshield frame?

The fragment piece shown in the picture is so small and irregular shape. The indentation hole looks very round and at least fingertip deep. 

The bullet fragment shown clearly does not fit in size and shape the physical characteristics of the windshield hole at all.






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