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limo bubble top (video)

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The limo bubble top removal was Sam Kinney's decision- Betty Harris, Forrest Sorrels, etc. had nothing to do with it! Betty Forsling Harris (with zero authority to do so) says she had the top removed (!); newsman Jim Lehrer said Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels (a Dallas agent without the authority to do so) had the top removed; Secret Service agent Sam Kinney, the driver of the follow up car in Dallas, Florida, and countless other trips, was adamant to me on three occasions between 1992-1994 (this audio excerpt is from 1994) that HE (SAM) was solely responsible for the top's removal on 11/22/63 and JFK, O'Donnell, etc. had NOTHING to do with it! ALSO included is a large segment of the trips (OFTEN IN GOOD WEATHER) wherein a smiling JFK used the top.


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