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New head shot analysis in the Zapruder film.

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This looks like an impressive visualisation of the frontal head shot. Would you please post also the original frame which you or the researcher you credited started from so that people could reproduce this finding.

While the dark spot(s) appears to be at the right location, the challenge is always to separate a true object (e.g., the entry wound) from noise of different origins that can cause similarly looking shapes. For instance, Jackie has also a dark spot to the left of her nose and just below her eye that looks like a depression (wound) on her face. One way of adding to the veracity of a photographic finding is to demonstrate it in multiple frames or different photographs; this is dead difficult in the case of JFK assassination.


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17 hours ago, Michael Crane said:

Looks to be before frame 313?

this is zframe 298 I believe, way before the head shot.

You can see what happens after the head shot here.  IMO - Shot from the pergola.



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