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Vince Palamara new video - The Suspicious Secret Service


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12 hours ago, Vince Palamara said:

This one is even better because it has audio/visuals and an in-person audience (from 2019):


Vince Palamara JFK assassination Secret Service presentation 2019 (BEST OF series/ 6 of 7) - YouTube


So enlightening. Comprehensive documentation.

Special notice:

The screen shot blowup of the newspaper article quoting former SS Chief U.K. Baughman in which he states the Texas School Book Depository building would ( should ) have been considered a "key" threat one with it's top floors secured during the passing of JFK's limo underneath.

Especially considering the "two" sharp angle slowing down turns directly underneath those TXSBD building upper floor windows. Several of which were open just at this time.

And, not mentioned, were any police or SS or any other JFK security men placed behind the Elm street grassy knoll pergola and picket fence area that went for several hundred feet and were perfect hiding places for shooters? 

If not, that easy to notice security threat lapse is mind boggling.

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