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18 minutes ago, Joe Bauer said:

DZ. Please excuse my naivety. 

What is the title of Sylvia Meagher's book? Which couple are you referring to?

Joe, I'm not Denny.  But I think he's talking about the book Accessories After The Fact, and, Ruth and Michael Paine.

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10 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

Joe, I'm not Denny.  But I think he's talking about the book Accessories After The Fact, and, Ruth and Michael Paine.

Oh yes. Thank you.

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15 hours ago, Vince Palamara said:

As the saying goes from the movie Frozen: "Let it go."

I was intending to defend Ruth Paine, not on an agenda to take down your book although I can see how it came across that way. I apologize.

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On 4/14/2021 at 5:52 AM, Joe Bauer said:

Interesting tidbits shared by Ruth Paine in the second link video of her speaking to a group on 9/13/2013.

Again, remarkably detailed about interactions with Lee and Marina "50 years" previous.

Yet, when asked previously ( the Gerry Spence questioning and other times ) she could not remember even the most basic details regards her visit with her sister ( where her sister lived, what she did for a living, whether they discussed Lee and Marina which I feel she did )  just months previous to her very detailed shared story of going to get Marina and her baby June in NO in October 1963?

Ruth did describe in detail staying two nights at the New Orleans apartment Lee and Marina were living in when she came for Marina in October, 1963.

She mentioned that Lee and Marina bickered a lot.

She mentioned that she and her own very young two kids had to sleep on the floor. And how cockroaches were crawling about and she had to spray roach killer in a wide circle around where she and her children were sleeping on the floor. 

Ruth said she was appalled at late pregnancy Marina's neglectful situation in NO. She mentioned Marina didn't qualify for local government medical care assistance because she and Lee hadn't lived in NO Parish long enough to qualify.

She also mentioned Lee was packed up and ready to go ( someplace ) to go on another "job hunting" excursion? But she didn't know where?

Lee was leaving the apartment immediately after Ruth and Marina left to go back to Ruth's home in Irving?  

I'm sure many know where Oswald went after they left? Did he come to Dallas on the bus right after?

Also, in this talking event video, when asked again about the draft of a letter Lee had typed up on her typewriter and left next to it for Ruth to easily see, find and read  ( while Lee was staying at Ruth's one weekend after he came to Dallas and was visiting Marina and baby Junie there ) Ruth mentioned again her outrage that Lee would have the "GALL" to use her typewriter without asking her permission. ( fact check correction after reading Ruth's actual testimony.) *See insertion below.

Ruth Paine has mentioned this specific incident many times over the years with noticeably animated emotional upsetness. It really got to her and just added to her personal dislike of Lee Oswald.

And Ruth expressed she was as perplexed as anyone as to why super secretive and private Lee would leave the actual draft next to her typewriter and do such a private personal matter exposing and self risky thing.

Ruth didn't keep the very personal private matter letter draft private.

No, instead she made a copy of the draft and handed this copy over to agent Hosty.

RP did slip the original draft letter back to it's place next to the typewriter. One must assume Oswald saw this and retrieved the letter later.

However, Ruth must have known how damaging that letter draft would be for Lee once the FBI got hold of it.

Why give it to the FBI?

Ruth mentioned how upset she was that Lee had lied in the letter. With Lee stating the FBI no longer had any interest in his and Marina's personal affairs.

Ruth stated she knew this was not true.  Guess that was justification for her handing the draft to the FBI.

" Sunday morning I was the first one up. I took a closer look at this, a folded sheet of paper. . . . The first sentence arrested me because I knew it to be false. . . . I then proceeded to read the whole note, wondering, knowing this to be false, wondering why he was saying it. I was irritated to have him writing a falsehood on my typewriter, I may say, too. I felt I had some cause to look at it."

Mrs. Paine proceeded to read Oswald's private paper, a draft of a letter dealing in part with the visits of FBI Agent Hosty, in which Oswald said that Hosty had tried to coerce him to refrain from pro-Castro activities and to press Marina to "defect" and place herself under FBI protection. According to Mrs. Paine, that was a completely false version of Hosty's visits. She was offended on her own behalf. She read the letter in the quiet of her living room on Sunday morning and decided that she Mrs. Paine: . . . should have a copy to give to an FBI agent coming again, or to call. I was undecided what to do. Meantime I made a copy. . . . Jenner: But you did have the instinct to report this to the FBI? Mrs. Paine: Yes . . . and after having made it, while the shower was running, I am not used to subterfuge in any way, but then I put it back where it had been and it lay the rest of Sunday on my desk top. . . .

After seeing Ruth Paine's actual testimony regards her discovering the letter draft Lee Oswald had typed on her typewriter and left next to it after going to bed the evening he wrote it and what RP did with the draft upon discovering it and reading it Sunday morning, I felt it is importantly revealing in posting her actual testimony here with my previous post.  I needed to correct my original comments regarding the incident.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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6 hours ago, Greg Doudna said:

I was intending to defend Ruth Paine, not on an agenda to take down your book although I can see how it came across that way. I apologize.

Thanks, man! Ok--no problem. :) Sorry if I came across jerky :)

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