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Taped President LBJ Phone Conversations Very Interesting and Revealing Yet Hardly Viewed.

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Only 2000+ views?

These two with future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas ( who was later forced to resign from the court for ethics violations ) about LBJ aide Walter Jenkins being picked up on "a morals charge" and how LBJ and others could keep this real story from the public of Jenkins disappearing for awhile with the cover story of him  being admitted to a hospital on doctors orders for "hypertension" and "nervous exhaustion."

I stumbled upon many dozens of these taped LBJ conversations which contain some mind blowing content, much of which reveals the blatant darker side deception character of LBJ and his cohorts.

I am re-looking for one I found and posted a few years ago of LBJ on a conference call to his advisor team discussing how to deal with information about LBJ's corrupt business dealings in Texas that was getting exposed and was so worrisome to LBJ he stated he could wind up in jail if this situation got too publicly exposed.

The voices on this LBJ/Abe Fortas  call are so hushed, you can barely make out much of what they are saying. I think this hushing was purposeful in that Fortas probably knew he was being taped.

By the way, Fortas once claimed he resigned from the U.S. Supreme Court to protect fellow Justice William Douglas who was also being investigated for ethics violations.


LBJ and Abe Fortas, 10/14/64 3.56p 1 of 2.


LBJ and Abe Fortas, 10/14/64 3.56p 2 of 2.

How about this call from LBJ to Alan Dulles where LBJ orders him to serve on the commission to investigate the murder of "our beloved" President JFK?
h instead for lbj phone conversation with alan dulles
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Warren Commission: Telephon
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