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The Last Act of Judith Exner

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On 3/21/2021 at 6:48 PM, Douglas Caddy said:


Judyth Campebell Exner was a very interesting person in her own right.

Monica Lewinski fell under the same spell Exner did. Willing to have sex with a married president. Presidents that made it happen. Lewinski suffered the same media humiliation as well. 

I copied this following piece of the article. Interesting reflections on JFK by Judyth Campbell.

And by the way, I see "Jack Kennedy" in her boy's face. The eyes, smile, face shape, ears, full head of lighter colored hair. His build and height.  I know, he was born after JFK was killed, but he still looks eerily like a young JFK imo.

He even resembles John F. Kennedy Jr.!






She, too, has done her reassessment of his presidency. In the end, she says, it was his character that she came to doubt. Something bred in the bone.

"The father [Joseph Kennedy Sr.] really set the pace for the boys. I used to say that the Kennedy men were morally bankrupt. And I still feel that way. It's a rather harsh judgment, but it's what I came to realize about Jack. No one wants to accept it, but there was a very cold inner core to him. He did what was right for Jack. And everybody let him do what was right for Jack. Whatever Jack wanted."

She stops to shoo a Persian off the tape recorder.

"I don't believe Jack should have been president."


"His conduct."

Meaning his alleged dalliance with Giancana? His womanizing Mistakes?

"It's flaunting who you are and the power. And I think Jack did abuse the power.

The C.I.A. did also, by having anything to do with the underworld. I mean, you either set the standards and live by them yourself, or you have no business being there."


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I'd still take JFK's character over LBJ's and Nixon and Trump's anytime.

I think we have to grow up regards JFK's extra-marital affairs.

Besides that one addictive and admittedly wrong marraige vow dishonoring flaw, no President has ever inspired and energized not just America, but the entire free world in the most important areas of democracy based societies like JFK did. 

He was truly moral in his stances on racial injustice and equality, opposing of long time abusive colonial rule, standing up to hard line military leaders who would actually consider nuclear war as an option, economic disparity, unchecked growth and influence of the massive MIC as Eisenhower warned and our secret government agencies yet he would not back down if America and our allies were truly threatened by any outside aggressors. Etc., etc.

When JFK was taken out, we were left with a President 10X more corrupted and morally bankrupt than JFK ever was.

And whom had his equally black mail corrupt "brother" J.E. Hoover kept close as his wing man throughout.

How come LBJ's extra marital dalliances ( as numerous as JFK and which produced children and humiliated his wife Lady Bird ) are hardly ever mentioned in any main stream media?

LBJ was an extraordinarily crude, debased and probably murder ordering creep compared to JFK and we all know it.

And could you ever imagine JFK saying to anybody, even in a jocular setting, that he liked to "grab em by the pu$$y" referring to attractive women he encountered?

Trump talkes like a street thug half the time. Using Mafia, WWF Wrestler and angry fringe right lingo even in public speeches!   Gotta go after those "rats", gonna take you down baby, gotta keep fighting the lib commies, keep up the good fight my fellow patriots. Tough guy patriot talk, coming from a guy who dodged the draft at the height of the Viet Nam war? A guy who got out of serving his country in any risk taking and sacrifice military duty way?

JFK put his life on the line in WW II. And yet he never tried to talk patriot tough like D.J. Trump.

I disagree with Judyth Exner. JFK was more qualified to run this country than anyone since, by far.





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Posted (edited)

Judyth Exner was personally embittered by her romantic experience with JFK who had many such assignations.

Nevertheless she should be proud of her role in history in carrying national security messages dealing with Castro and Cuba between JFK and Giancana.

A decade later Robert Merritt played a similar role in history by carrying a national security message and materials to Henry Kissinger. 

Presidents use out-of-the-loop entrusted persons to accomplish certain plans. 


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       I finally watched the 2013 documentary about Sam Giancana on Amazon Prime last night, and they talked at length about Judith Exner shuttling manila envelopes from Giancana to JFK back in the day.  I need to read up on that history.

      Does anyone know if these alleged (Exner) communiques between Giancana and JFK were ever published?

      Secondly, why was Giancana reporting directly to JFK about the anti-Castro ops, when his alleged CIA contracts to assassinate Castro had been arranged by Robert Maheu?

      Thirdly, the documentary describes Marilyn Monroe's murder (by a Nembutal suppository) as a mafia hit to embarrass Robert Kennedy-- in which RFK's letters to Monroe were left lying around her death bed, etc.  Is that what happened?

      Most disappointing were the film's brief, superficial references to Lee Harvey Oswald as a man with ties to Castro and to Carlos Marcello, allegedly through Oswald's uncle in New Orleans.  No mention at all of Oswald's history with the CIA and FBI.


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Caveat Emptor on the Momo documentary produced by his relatives containing numerous errors of fact like:

Momo was in the St. Valentines day massacre crew or Sam was part of Johnny Torrio hit squad. Not a credible film. 

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