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"Four Days In November" on Turner Classic Movies 3:45 Eastern DST 6 April 2021 (DirecTV)

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You all have seen it plenty I reckon, but 1964's "Four Days In November" is coming on Turner Classic Movies at 3:45 PM Eastern DST 6 April 2021 (DirecTV).


Directed by Mel Stuart, the documentary "Four Days in November" explores the assassination of John F. Kennedy and its impact through a variety of sources -- from professional media coverage to amateur footage, as well as re-enactments of the crime. Events surrounding the assassination also are included in the documentary, such as the swearing in of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson on Air Force One and Jack Ruby's shooting of the suspected assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, on live television.


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Sure, Josh.

Of course, DuckDuckGo reveals it's on the Internet. And, of course, Douglas Caddy found it long ago, and linked to it here.

Heck, you can download it from Internet Archive.

I'm slogging through the recording I made. The Secret Service did a really good job securing the Trade Mart. So relieved to hear that.

Somebody got cute with the title of the thing. It alludes to "Seven Days In May." A story about a military-led coup attempt in present-day United States. Rushed into film production at JFK's behest and with his assistance. To title this thing that way is like unto mockery. Rubbing salt on a wound.

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