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John McAdams has passed on

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2 minutes ago, W. Tracy Parnell said:

A textbook that you would find in a classroom as opposed to something like "Crossfire" for instance.

Who decides which textbooks are used in classrooms? I don't disagree with your premise, in a few generations the majority of Americans will believe that Oswald acted alone. Consensus is shaped over time, and time has always been on the side of the forces that murdered JFK. But consensus doesn't equal truth. Tragically, History is written by the victorious.

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It's unfortunate John McAdams was part of the GOP descension into misogyny, identity politics and bullying as a brand. With regard to the JFK assassination, his examples of bad evidence and bad theories could have been universally accepted as part of an unbiased look at the crime. But his unwillingness to admit that there were major unanswered questions ultimately proved him to be just as intellectually dishonest as Posner. Ultimately he couldn't succeed in proving Oswald acted entirely on his own with any more success than any of the others that have tried. 

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Her name was Cheryl Abbate.

And he put her name and address on his attack polemics, which he then publicized through his media cohorts.

He then lied about this echo chamber effect he was causing.

And maybe Tracy wants to also forget about how he lied about his identity, saying he was Patrick Nolan at a JFK conference so he could disguise another hit piece he was cooperating on.  

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This is her today:



She had to flee to University of Colorado at Boulder to finish her Ph D program after McAdams endangered her life and career at Marquette. Len Osanic tried to get her on his show but she did not want to talk about it anymore. The article on McAdams being a laughing stock was not by Fletcher, it was by Len Osanic.  He uses that url and signature because he has the best web site about Fletcher Prouty.

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When someone you dislike passes away, my learned general response is to wait awhile before letting it ( criticism ) all hang out. If even just a few days.

There are exceptions of course.

Those who we know or suspect have demeaned or purposely caused pain ( emotional and physical ) injury and even death to others no matter the numbers.

Where does McAdams rate on that scale? 

In my mind and heart, the man did shamelessly demean others as a matter of habit. He seriously harmed Ms. Abbate.

But more than anything imo, he demeaned the truth, justice and memory importance of the JFK assassination and therefore JFK himself.

And all Americans who cared to give JFK's murder, memory and justice more thought, contemplation and study than just mindlessly accepting the LBJ appointed and FBI / Hoover controlled Warren Commission finding that Lee Harvey Oswald ( a lifetime frustrated minimum wage earning loser ) simply had an incredibly lucky "open window" shot at making a name for himself...took it... and who then sauntered out into the frantic crowd and cop filled streets to take a public bus and cab ride home right after.

Hand cuffed, two guards at his side Lee Harvey Oswald's own equally improbable assassination 2 days later by a local strip club owner "right inside the DPD building" just added more instant closure to the case when it should have done the opposite.

Nothing to see here folks! No need to think about this crazy, illogical and nonsensical turn of events right before your eyes in just two days.

As the official PR person for the WC  ( Gerald "Ferry never knew Oswald " Posner ) said..."Case Closed."

I think McAdam's public legacy was one of more harm than good in this sense. 

Ergo this instant criticism is to be expected and in some ways is deserved.




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2 hours ago, W. Tracy Parnell said:

I hate to break it to you Calvin, but the CT community has already lost-they just don't know it. Go look on Wikipedia or read any of the mainstream books or websites or legitimate history textbooks. You will find the statement that LHO killed JFK alone.

The reason for this is not that there is a worldwide conspiracy to suppress the truth that includes the media and academia. It is because there exists no unified alternative explanation to the LN theory. You could put the top CT researchers in a room and they would agree on very little. The top researchers on both sides are dying at an alarming rate and when they are all gone so will the debate be.

In any case, celebrating a good man's death does absolutely nothing for your "cause." It does show that you (and others here) have extremely poor taste.

BTW, it should be mentioned that McAdams' site was one of the premier sources of information and was used extensively by both sides. Hopefully, it will be maintained.

Sorry, I don’t agree with you in part here. The HSCA decided it was probable that there was a conspiracy to kill the president, based on the acoustic evidence. Historically, that should be reflected in academia and fact checking sites. LHO should not be listed as the sole assassin, he was never convicted and the evidence from the HSCA was the last investigation (though be it another sham). There are plenty of other things we can pick at in terms of evidence but, if you recognise or legitimise the Warren Commission, then so should the HSCA be recognised, and more information was available at that stage to make a more informed decision.

In short ‘unsolved’ should be the determination in school textbooks or and websites allegedly factchecking. T

In my opinion is a bias. 




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