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Dealey witnesses shot sequences

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Wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this.

Everyone from Robert MacNeil to Wesley Frazier to Mary Ann Moorman (all in different parts of the plaza) say there was a 3-shot sequence: BOOM!.......................BOOM! BOOM! The last two shots were right on top of each other, eliminating the possibility of a single Carcano weapon that requires at least 2.5 seconds to recycle.

Railroad man S.M. Holland was on the bridge where the motorcade was heading with arguably the best view of the assassination. He heard four shots but also said the last two were nearly on top of each other, again eliminating a single Carcano rifle.

I saw Frazier and Moorman give this sequence in person. I tend to favor Holland’s more complete account but the final two shots gels with the others.

And check out how MacNeil describes the shots at 8:10 in below.

IMO, you don’t need much else to prove there was a conspiracy that day.




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