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I just ordered out of a growing curiosity about the subject Kai Bird's The Chairman about John J McCloy.  At 800 pages I may need to put on my chest waders to get through it.  Reading about it I did not know McCloy was a  Philadelphia lawyer from the wrong side of the tracks.  I did remember reading about Germany, World Bank, the CFR and more.  I thought of him as east coast establishment associate of many including Dulles in relation to the JFK assassination.  

It got me to thinking about other Philly lawyers.  Richard A Sprague, Vincent Salandria, and Arlen Specter.  Throw in an investigative journalist journalist like Gaeton Fonzi and it's an interesting group from one city in relation to the JFK investigation.

As Philly attorneys I guess Specter and McCloy were familiar with each other prior to the Warren Omission and the single bullet .  Sprague, Salandria and Fonzi were of a different bent.

Regarding Specter's Single Magic Pristine bullet Theory, it makes me think of Miss Bonnie (Bucks wife) Owens live from Philadelphia.


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1 hour ago, Lawrence Schnapf said:

are you referring to Kai Bird's book. I read a book my him which covered the 1980s. wasnt all that interesting.

Yes.  I've read three or four quotes from it on here about various subjects and I'm suspicious about McCoy's role on the Warren Omission.   Plus the reviews are positive and informative.


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Posted (edited)

The contrast of the two types of Philadelphia lawyers is interesting to me.  

No matter who fed Specter the single bullet fellow Philly counselor McCloy was there to feed/sell it to the other Warren Omission members in his role as Chairman of the Board of the east coast establishment.  Whether they swallowed it or not.  With Dulles puling the strings and Ford on board it was a done deal.

Yet Sprague led the charge of the HSCA.  Until he wouldn't sign the CIA non disclosure agreement.  Salandria shredded them for years.

"Gaeton, I'm not sure Specter is a man of intellectual honesty".



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