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HSCA Investigator Al Maxwell

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Does anyone have, or know where I might find, a photo of former NYPD detective and HSCA staff investigator Albert (Al) Maxwell, please?

All (or any) help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks, in anticipation ....



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I didn't come across any pictures but trying to find out who Maxwell was I stumbled across this 1982 Jim Marrs article.  It's interesting to me as I had a former co worker who claimed to have family that worked for the Kirkwoods occasionally, and, as a teen I remember driving by the Cellar (about the time of or shortly after it closed.

Item 05.pdf (hood.edu)

It seems Basteri and Maxwell also interview ton Zoppi.  (scroll down for this part)

Joe Backes, ARRB Summaries: Page 12. (aarclibrary.org)

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