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How to save an unlimited number of photos to be displayed.

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Forum members who post photos quickly discover that the forum allows them to post as many photos as they'd like, as long as the photos are stored (hosted) elsewhere on another website. In contrast, the forum allots very limited space for members storing their own photos on the forum website.

The solution to this problem requires two components:

  1. A file storage website, such as Google Drive, or one designed specifically for photos and drawings, such as Google Photos. These Google products give you 15 GB of free storage space.
  2. The means for acquiring links to the photos stored on the website. Once a forum member has copied a link, he can paste it into the forum post editor in order to display the photo.

Here is a good solution to the problem: Use Google Photos to store the photos and Google Blogger to display them on a blog. Blog pages are displayed in browser windows, from which it is easy to get links to the desired photos. Just right-click on the photo and choose "Copy Image Location" on the popup menu. Paste this link in the forum editor, and voila the photo appears!

The following post gives detailed instructions on how to set up and use a Google Photos/Blogger system.


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Setting up a Google Photos/Blogger System for Unlimited Image Storing

First, get a Google account and use Google Photos to store your images.

That's just half the solution. If you post on the forum a link to an image, a forum member who clicks the link will be taken to a webpage on the Google Photos website where they will see the image.

You need to do one other thing in order to have the image displayed directly in a forum thread.

To do that, create a blog on Google Blogger. Google Photos does allow you to post your images directly on your blog.

Once you've posted a image on your blog, all you need to do is copy the URL (web address) of the image in the blog, and paste it in your forum post. That's it!

In case you don't know, here's how to copy and paste the URL of an image. On your blog page, point to the image with your mouse. RIGHT-click on the image and a popup menu will appear. Click on Copy Image URL/Location. (Wording will vary depending upon the browser you use.) The URL is now on your clipboard ready to be pasted somewhere. Go to your forum post and click where you want the image to be. Then RIGHT-click, and this time click on Paste. The image should appear in a second or so.


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