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Without Smoking Gun by Kent Heiner

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A MUST READ: WITHOUT SMOKING GUN – Was the death of Lt. Cmdr. William Pitzer part of the JFK assassination cover-up conspiracy?

This hot-off-the-press nonfiction work by Kent Heiner should get your blood boiling and, unless you are a mild-mannered Mr. Milquetoast, your body functioning in whatever way you so decide to do your part in helping bring those to justice who not only inspired and developed, but perpetrated some of the most heinous political crimes of the past century including the cold-blooded murders of President John F. Kennedy, Lt. Cmdr. William Bruce Pitzer and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What would you do if you knew that our government was lying about the greatest crime of your time? Would you tell anyone? What would you do if a dear friend who had shown you proof of this government’s cover-up died violently and without warning? What would you do if you realized you has almost been an unwitting pawn in the murder of an important witness?

Meet Lieutenant Commander Dennis David (US Navy, Retired), who recalls the day in 1963 that Navy officer and beloved mentor Bill Pitzer showed him a medical film and photographs of President John F. Kennedy’s dead body. These images, the two men agreed, made it clear that the President had been shot from the front, not the rear, despite what the American public was being told.

Meet Lieutenant Commander William Bruce Pitzer, who in 1966 was found shot to death in his office at the National Naval Medical Center, where the President’s autopsy had been performed after the tragedy in Dallas.

Meet Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Marvin, a retired Green Beret and combat veteran of two wars, who says he was asked to assassinate Pitzer for treason and espionage.

Is such a scenario possible? Meet other retired military and CIA officers who agree that there was indeed a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy and that the United States does indeed use assassination and terrorism as a tool of statecraft.

Fasten your seatbelts for a devastating journey through recent history. Hear from eye-witnesses whose testimony may prove that the President’s body was tampered with before being autopsied. Find out why there is reason to suspect that LCDR Pitzer was among the witnesses to that alteration. Go behind closed doors to see the infighting and prejudices which plagued the Presidential Commission charged to investigate the assassination. Go back in time to 1966, when private doubts about the Commission’s findings snowballed into a public demand for answers, and the Kennedy family was preparing to turn over JFK’s autopsy photos to the National Archives. Watch the drama of Pitzer’s final days unfold as a 1963 FBI report is discovered which describes “surgery” on the President’s body prior to autopsy, sending the Establishment into panic.

The author, Kent Heiner, is the founder of Mem Research, a non-profit organization supporting research into state-organized crime. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in International Relations. His work can be seen at:


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