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A closer look at Brennan and Campbell

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There is a disconnect with Brennan's testimony. Here is Brennan;

Mr. BRENNAN. I knew I had to get to someone quick to tell them where the man was. So I ran or I walked--there is a possibility I ran, because I have a habit of, when something has to be done in a hurry, I run. And there was one officer standing at the corner of the Texas Book Store on the street. It didn't seem to me he was going in any direction. He was standing still. 
Mr. BELIN. What did you do or what did you say to him? 
Mr. BRENNAN. I asked him to get me someone in charge, a Secret Service man or an FBI. That it appeared to me that they were searching in the wrong direction for the man that did the shooting. And he was definitely in the building on the sixth floor. I did not say on the sixth floor. Correction there. I believe I identified the window as one window from the top. 

Mr. BELIN. And then what happened, sir? 
Mr. BRENNAN. He said, "just a minute." And he had to give some orders or something on the east side of the building on Houston Street. And then he had taken me to, I believe, Mr. Sorrels, an automobile sitting in front of the Texas Book Store. 

Notice the big gap in the timeline? The Police Officer that Brennan refers to that "gave some orders" would be Inspector Sawyer. Sawyer does not park his car in front of the TSBD until around 12:34, where he speaks to officers and immediately takes the elevator to the 4th floor. Sawyer is back in front of the TSBD around 12:37

Sawyer is the one giving the orders after 12:37;

Mr. BELIN. Then you got down and what did you do? 
Mr. SAWYER. I asked the Sergeant to doublecheck the security around the building, and then I took two patrolmen and stationed them at the front door and told them, with instructions not to let anybody in or out. 

The first police officer that Brennan "runs" over to can't be Sawyer, simply because Brennan would not say "I asked him to get me someone in charge, a Secret Service man or an FBI. That it appeared to me that they were searching in the wrong direction for the man that did the shooting"  to Inspector Sawyer, as the building by that time was the focus of scrutiny, and the Inspector was obviously in charge.

To work out who the first police officer was, we turn to Ochus Campbell, the manager of the TSBD;


Since Brennan said he ran over, and Campbell describes a construction worker, most likely Brennan, and a uniform officer, most likely Barnett, we have a little gathering on the Elm Street Island immediately after the shots. If the Darnell film is accurate, Baker is ruled out, as he appears to run from his parked motorcycle to the TSBD without stopping.

If Campbell overhears Brennan talking to Barnett about a rifle sighting high up in the TSBD, it makes sense that Barnett then runs down the east side of the building checking the fire escape and rear entrance.

Sawyer arrives at 12:34;

Mr. SAWYER. Then I went on down to the Texas Book Depository. 
Mr. BELIN. Where did you park your car? 
Mr. SAWYER. In front of the Texas School Book Depository. 
Mr. BELIN. In front of the main entrance there? 
Mr. SAWYER. In front of the main entrance. 
Mr. BELIN. What did you do then? 
Mr. SAWYER. Immediately went into---well, talked to some of the officers around there who told me the story that they had thought some shots had come from one of the floors in the building, and I think the fifth floor was mentioned

Barnett, was, by 12:34, one of the officers that had returned to the front of the TSBD. So Sawyer gleans the Brennan info from Barnett, then charges into the building and up the elevator.

Sawyer, after returning to the front of the TSBD, then talks with Brennan direct. Brennan has that police officer saying "just a minute" and gave orders.

Mr. SAWYER. That description came to me mainly from one witness who claimed to have seen the rifle barrel in the fifth or sixth floor of the building, and claimed to have been able to see the man up there. 

Following that chat, Sawyer is on the radio;

Mr. BELIN. Now the next time that No. 9 appears is at what time? 
Mr. SAWYER. Immediately after 12:43 and before 12:45. 
Mr. BELIN. What did you say then? 
Mr. SAWYER. "The wanted person in this is a slender white male about 30, 5 feet 10, 165, carrying what looks to be a 30-30 or some type of Winchester." 
Mr. BELIN. Then the statement is made from the home office, "It was a rifle?" 
Mr. SAWYER. I answered, "Yes, a rifle." 
Mr. BELIN. Then the reply to you, "Any clothing description?" 
Mr. SAWYER. "Current witness can't remember that." 

Barnett gives a hint that he spoke with Brennan about a rifle extending out of the TSBD;


We know Barnett did not immediately run along the east side of the TSBD after the shots. Here he is below in Wiegman;


It follows that immediately after the above film capture, Brennan joins that group and asks the patrolman for someone in charge. Campbell then hears about the rifle. Barnett runs off, then Darnell shows Baker running.


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2 hours ago, Lawrence Schnapf said:

Brennan would never had held up under cross-examination. he admitted to seeing LHO on TV twice before the lineup and couldnt identify him. and Z-film shows him looking away at the time of the first shot.

Lawrence, everyone has an opinion about Brennan.  After reading as much as I can find on him, including his ghost written book, I would tend to disagree with your above statements.  I'm not saying my opinion is any more valid than yours, but I will give it anyway.  I'll break it down as follows:  a) he would have never held up under cross examination - Who was going to cross examine him, there was no trial.  b) he couldn't identify LHO - He didn't identify LHO because that is not who he saw shooting  c)  Z film shows him looking away at the time of the 1st shot - He said he was looking at a shooter on the 2nd floor from the top in the east end of the RED BRICK building, that is NOT the TSBD, but instead is the Dal-Tex building.

As an addendum to a)  He did NOT stand up under the cross examination/interrogation of the police who were interviewing him.  They got him to acquiesce and accept their story of a shooter in the TSBD.  He was followed, surveilled and told not to speak to ANYONE because he might be the ONLY one who saw the assassin and could be a target of any associates of that assassin.  This ruse was used by those taking his information until they had him sufficiently scared to follow the official story.  Between 11/22/63 and his WC interview, he was reminded again of how vulnerable he was.  His once BETTER than 20/20 vision was destroyed when as he said - his eyes were "SANDED" - in what was described as an on the job ACCIDENT.  Anyone can attack his story because he never bucked the official one after 11/22, but for at least a couple of hours after 12:30pm that day, he told a different story.  Once shown how vulnerable he and his family were to violence, he opted to make his family safe.  He, to me, was/is the epitome of the strong silent type in this generation of men.  Had the threats only involved himself and not his family,  I don't think he would have relented in his original story.

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To put this topic into context, please compare the Brennan FBI statement and the Campbell DPD statement below;


At the very least, Campbell, Brennan and a police officer are together immediately after the shots.

This police officer, according to both above reports, had immediate knowledge of a rifle barrel seen high up in the building AND that the person holding the rifle is ostensibly still in the building.

The FBI/DPD did not make a concerted effort to uncover this police officer, and the reason for this is apparent. It could be why the TSBD manager, Campbell was not invited to the Commission.

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2 hours ago, Tony Krome said:

The FBI/DPD did not make a concerted effort to uncover this police officer

The document below reveals that Rankin suspected that police should have known exactly where to look for rifle evidence immediately after the shots were fired.

Rankin suspected that Brennan spoke with a police officer immediately after the shots, (as Campbell confirms) and wanted to know the "CHAIN OF INFORMATION" of the 12:43/45 Sawyer broadcast.

The FBI/DPD hid that officer from the WC


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The above document has Rankin wanting to know why it took "40 minutes" to find the "shells" since he believed the Brennan information became immediately known to police after the shots were fired.

Here is the timeline;

12:32 (approx) - Ochus Campbell overhears a construction worker (Brennan) telling a Police Officer (not Sawyer) about the rifle he saw in the window.

12:32 to 12:40 - Brennan is seen in various photos on the steps of the TSBD.

12:40 (approx) Brennan and Inspector Sawyer are seen talking in Sawyer's car in front of the TSBD;



12:43 - Sawyer is on the radio with the description of the wanted person and gun type.

1:15 - (approx) The shells are found where Brennan said he saw the rifle barrel in the window



The above highlights the 40 minute delay that Rankin enquired about. The WC has Mooney finding the shells at approx 1:12. 12:32 to 1:12 is exactly 40 minutes.

I believe the delay in finding the shells, and the obscuring of the first police officer that Brennan spoke to, are closely connected in the cover-up aftermath.


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