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In contacting me, use my email address...

Jack White

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I almost never check the Forum Email. Today I accidentally happened on MUCH MAIL WHICH I HAD NEVER SEEN NOR REPLIED TO.

I just replied to a November 23 message from Antti Hynonen which I was unaware of. Sorry Antti. I was not ignoring you!

If anybody wants to send me a private email, please use jwjfk@flash.net and I will reply promptly.

Antti's list of questions about the backyard photos would have been more appropriate as a posting on the forum, since there was really nothing private about it...and I would have replied a month ago.

Jack :D

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John should block my on-line e-mail access

Your forum e-mail can be masked if this is what you are requesting. Please advise.

Yes please

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