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The Secret Life of Jack Ruby

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I'd love to see that video still in better resolution. Ruby's haircut isn't the only wonder. I can't understand what produces the shadow on Ruby's eyes when you see him fidgeting, and about to lunge. There's a whole other shadow for his hat brim. He does not appear to be wearing sunglasses in the basement. The shadow over his eyes moves as he moves his head to peer around.

Then the car horn sounds. "There he is!" Who said that? And who honked the horn?

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Oswald was so, so open it was sickening.

Practically in front of his two side bodyguards.

And there was that several seconds long hold up pause waiting for the transfer car to back up, which gave Ruby the chance to leap out and get within inches close to and a much easier aimed shot into the stopped wide open Oswald.

( reminds one of JFK's limo slowed almost to a stop right before his head shot?) 

Levealle often mentioned in his interviews that the transfer car was supposed to be in place ( right in front of him and Oswald) when they arrived there, which if it had been, would have blocked out Ruby and prevented him from having that 2 to 3 second interval with direct access to a stopped and wide open Oswald.

Also, wouldn't you think "somebody" in charge of organizing the security plan for this staged scene for the press would have set up at least a rope barrier at that crucial point and space where Oswald is supposed to be placed in the waiting and crowd blocking squad car?

The press fellows and cameramen were able to press up to Oswald close enough to almost touch him with their outstretched mike holding arms and hands! No press crowd restraint barrier planning at all.

This whole scene of allowing that aggressive yelling press mob into that cramped basement and so close up to Oswald ( and with their blinding lamp and flash bulb lights ) looked so obviously and illogically security planning wrong from the get go ... it was outrageously disturbing and suspicious.

Levealle also stated he suggested to Chief Curry in their perp walk into the cramped and crowded press packed basement pre-planning meet up an alternate, less visible and risky plan to get Oswald into a County Jail transfer car simply and quickly without the crowd.

He says Curry dismissed his suggestion with his oft-repeated press allowing excuse that he wanted the press close up to show that his police department wasn't physically abusing Oswald. 

The whole Oswald perp walk into that super cramped and crowded press area and with the transfer car unable to get into it's crowd separating position due to the lack of press crowd control was " you've got to be kidding me!" sickening in it's gut wrenching common sense security failure.

And lastly, big hulking DPD officer  "Blackie" Harrison was "on duty" that morning, purposely placed on the press crowd side of the scene, obviously to help keep them at bay?

So, what is he doing during the entire time Oswald is being walked right up to the press line? He staring at Oswald, not at all at the press people around and behind him and especially Jack Ruby who was right next to him!

In fact, several of the press members were closer to Oswald than Harrison was. Ike Pappas could have reached out and shook Oswald's cuffed hands!

Curry should have been fired for Oswald's murder right in his own building! 

Leavelle also stated that he had no input respect at all in any talk of Oswald's transfer security. He stated the transfer security decisions were already created and locked in by Curry...and "others" much higher in authority than him.

I believe he very well meant Mayor Cabell as one of these higher authority persons.

It's hard to believe Cabell wasn't constantly informed about what his police department was up to regards every move they intended with their handling of Oswald. Cabell was being constantly interviewed by the world press about everything surrounding the events of that weekend...and he was well aware that tens of millions of people everywhere were suspicious of Dallas being the location of JFK's murder. Dallas itself was under great suspicion scrutiny and widespread public mistrust and anger.

I personally watched Oswald being whacked by Jack Ruby live on TV myself 57 1/2 years ago.

And to this day I am just as suspicious and angry about how that all went down as the moment I saw it all unfold.




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