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THE FBI, DOJ, and Bill Barr are all Lone Nut types----And kill their fellow man via such criminal linked Chicanery

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Not many folks know that the FBI, DOJ, and Bill Barr are highly corrupt "Lone Nuts."    They do this because they all claim the Warren Report solved the JFK hit and only LHO shot JFK.

About the whole world knows that is false, as even Jim Garrison went off on all the mistakes and faked up stuff in the Masonic Hoover fake data supplied to the Masonic controlled WC.

Basically, these agencies and persons are engaged in Criminal Racketeering to try to cover up deals like Jack Ruby ran the Dallas Big Event and invited all his criminal pals to come watch.

The ONI, which trained LHO, said he did not do the JFK hit and the FBI, DOJ, and Bill Barr disregarded the top US Intelligence Agencies report.    Does anyone smell a crooked bunch of Feds that just got caught and will go down as the truths are forced out by Trump, the Q's, and the other experts that know exactly what happened and exactly who all lied.   Those that attempt the old Nat Security ploy/ excuses will find their corrupt temple's fall upon their heads harshly.

The FBI, DOJ, et al are involved in the cover up for the LHO CIA project in New Orleans involved SV-40 and deuterium to make a cancer virus to kill Castro as invented by Dr .Alton Oschner.  Oschner knew well Dr Harold Urey, the USAEC guy that isolated deuterium.   Lots of the cancer etiology linked to deuterium is now in the public research and places like Oak Ridge and USAEC knew deuterium was a big problem back in 1963.

By Falsifying the JFK records and leaving off the LHO and deuterium health effects, they have allowed the cancer epidemic to kill millions that would not have died had JFK been allowed to expose that CIA project that LHO was working on that connected to Oak Ridge.   SO, now the FBI and DOJ cover up on hiding the deuterium cancer project has killed a lot of Americans, their wives, family, friends and so on.  Now the FBI and DOJ really need to face charges of "Crimes Against Humanity" over covering up a known carcinogenic effect, via deuterium, that sets off cancers and 20-30 other serious diseases and illnesses.

The FBI, DOJ, and Bill Barr need to face  RICO Act Criminal prosecution for the well known Warren Report fabrications by Criminal Conspiring S. R. Masonic types, to include LBJ himself.

JFK related LN fabrications are outright lies from Federal Agencies.   They need to be prosecuted and fired and face huge fines and prison for allowing extensive health harm to come on the American People.

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Americans have been under a siege for some time now.

The attacks involved killing JFK and treason, insurrections, and sabotage of American's health via the cover ups of deuterium on human health.

They have done such sustained and huge damages to the US that they much be considered all Criminals and prosecuted via RICO Act Laws. The damages done exceeds trillion of dollars and inflicted pain, injury and death upon multitudes of US citizens.

Americans, and Freedom Seeking People around the world, need to team up and show zero tolerance for this Mafia like criminal operation that swears oaths to themselves, Imperialism, and Royalist domination and extreme exploitation of Americans.

The criminals involved LBJ, Hoover, Bannister, Dulles, Warren, and many others via Oaths to their criminal conspiracy organization that abducted American Interests and values to benefit outside US interests and promoting Imperialism's goals..

Their New Orleans plot to kill Castro against International Laws failed, but it involved potentiated SV-40 virus and the trigger compound deuterium that harms human cell Mitochondria ATP-synthase function related to not only excessive cancers but dozens of other serious illnesses.

These serious and nefarious Mafia like criminals were one in the same as those JFK went after as Truman installed these sedition types in all levels of the US Govt., and they have since ruined the health and well being of everyone in the US, in addition to abducting everyone's Freedoms.

I call for the criminal prosecutions to all that took an Oath to this organization and each needs a permanent criminal record and since their conspiracy covered up deuterium role in health problems they each have to be changed to collect damages in the trillions of dollars due to their criminal associations against the US.  If they try to reform, as in a "Forget Me Not" type effort, games they face triple criminal liability.

These criminal convictions mean they cannot vote, cannot hold any public office, and they cannot work in any state or Federal jobs, and it applies to all Police, Judges, Intelligence, security, Military, and any other authority. 

Finally, these nefarious groups need to be declared a Criminal Organization and eliminated from US and the world, and all assets seized and applied to their huge restitution debts to society. 

More serious sanctions need to apply to all religious organizations that omit deuterium teaching involved in Genesis all the way to why Jesus and the Essene were involved in Lord's Supper Nutritional details that were once part of the 1st Jewish Temple's examples and hidden Priest knowledge link to God's WORD on Forbidden Fruit and the high deuterium content issues for health.
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Large parts of the harm dealt via the JFK related cover up of deuterium on health and involving the US food chain highly involve the loss of resistances to virus, bacteria, and fungus.   This also made possible the COVID-19's excess problems and the rise of failed mRNA fake vaccines, that are even worse a problem.

High Deuterium causes loss of efficient Kreb's Cycle ATP production that then sets up too high cell enolase levels that sets off cell wall binding sites that allow rapid cell infections propagation and loss of pathogenic immunity.

As a result of the FBI and DOJ cover up on deuterium health issues, Expect these problems will become a repeat of Nuremberg where corrupt health officials suffer death penalty:


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13 hours ago, Jim Phelps said:

he ONI, which trained LHO, said he did not do the JFK hit and the FBI, DOJ, and Bill Barr disregarded the top US Intelligence Agencies report.

Could you speak more to this?


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I wonder how anyone misses that Guy Bannister was a Mega-Criminal Shriner, 33rd Mason, and FBI man for Div 5.   IF Bannister went down due to LHO and JFK, so would Hoover, Div 5, and the MED's killing BUNDs in NY area.    
Part of the secrets the Masons and Shriners keep is deals like the Mega-Criminal Guy Bannister and his FBI connections.

He was a 33rd Mason and was head of the Chicago FBI---knew Giancana, et al.  Protected the Mafia to various degrees.    Later he was in New Orleans, handled Marcello for FBI  Div 5 operations.   He had extreme connections to organized crime.   He would also land in jail as JFK and RK went after the Mafia and the FBI endorsements of the Mafia for various application in WWII and the MED's security.

Bannister became an extremely violent and out of control drunk.   He beat the crap out of his investigator named Jack Martin as he found Bannisters files on all the Mafia Connections and his connections to the JFK hit.

As Bannister and the New Orleans gang found out that LHO was a JFK spy, it was Bannister that had all the connections for DISC, FBI Div 5, Hoover, LBJ, all the Masons in Oak Ridge that got busted on helping the CIA kill Castro with cancer project.  Marcello hate JFK and Marcello owned Jack Ruby and they made Ruby the Dallas Point Man for the hit.  Ruby and Bannister had long existing Chicago Mob connections and Giancana hated JFK also, and all their CIA buddies as well.    Masons hated Catholics for being anti-Impearlism and Anti-Royalists.   The South in particular hated Catholics due to their Southern anti-black Masons.

Shrinner 33rd Mason Banister was a major player in Marcello and Jack Ruby in Dallas becoming the Point Man that got Giancana's hit guys to kill JFK in Dallas.

Lots of these Masonic Closet secrets become bragging materials after the new people take their oaths and promise essentially the same as the Mafia-----as in tell on us and we'll kill you.

Bannister is one of the top examples from Truman's Masonic control over America, and JFK was a Catholic and hated the Corrupt Masons and that network killed him and then part failed on the 22nd and Ruby was told to kill LHO , else they'll kill him for screwing up as the Dallas Plots leader.

That is the ultra-dirty, ultra criminal side of the Shriners and Masons----and Guy Bannister is an easy to see example for their criminal hidden hand mafia.  New Orleans criminal prosecutor Jim Garrison spotted Guy Bannister as a major player for the JFK hit and went after what remained of Bannister's connections.    Garrison zero'd in on Bannister and Marcello insider David Ferrie.   He leaked too much and got silenced.   Had that not happened Garrison would have won.  The case got weak as they killed them.

They were killing people left and right as the Congressional Church Committee were making people talk.

That is the real look into the deep state in the JFK days.   These days it appears Trump has tracked down that Bill Barr has been involved in the JFK records, FBI, Masons and Shriners criminal cover ups for the JFK hit.   Have to see if Barr goes down when Trump returns..

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5 hours ago, John Butler said:

Could you speak more to this?


Some of the better details on this are in Joan Mellen Books on how the State Dept tried to burn LHO, who JFK and RFK were using to spy on CIA, New Orleans Mafia.

Waldron's book speaks to it   

Further hard copy



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Bill Barr is the Deep State Personified.   Bush put Barr in high places to conceal many things.   Trump may have put Barr on Display, as he did with Fauci, for each to get a good rope fit:

Bill Barr defended the Watergate burglars (some of which to be rumored in JFK hit in 1963 with Marcello/Trafficante).


William Barr’s deep state resume: Cover-ups, covert ops and pardons

A close examination of Barr’s legal career indicates a high tolerance for presidentially-sanctioned law-breaking


The Bank of Credit and Commerce International was a global institution, which deputy CIA director Robert Gates described, slightly more accurately, as “the Bank of Crooks and Criminals.” David Ignatius dubbed it “The Bank of Fear.”

BCCI was a shadowy but very real institution with connections to governments and intelligence services all over the world. BCCI’s owners specialized in evading regulators so that they could speculate and bribe with the depositors’ money. As the fraud mounted and spread, law enforcement officials and bank regulators the world over discovered what the CIA had been trying to hide.



Note Barr was BCCI Connected---lots of CIA wahed money handling and very connected to the Zionist's hate for JFK that empowered Ruby to be Point Man to hit JFK in Dallas.

BCCI is a Mossad Money Laundering front connected to Tibor Rosenbaum, PERMINDEX, and George Matello (Masonic  and connected Louis Bloomfield--Canada Mossad)

Once one gets there the Bloomfield is DISC and FBI Div 5 connected that does Mafia for hire killings connected with Manhattan Project


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Trump is interesting as there are suggestions he was going to solve the JFK hit.    So far, he is a Zero and he hired the top Deep State cover up artist--Bill Barr.

Trump go hit with the CovID-19 election warcraft method, but JFK seems to have found the CIA cancer killer vaccine for Castro.   These both depend on cell Enolase factors that enable virus transmission due to the cell wall isolation damage issues for excess enolase production.

Trump's war is getting some big press and the damages moving towards War Crime Tribunals in Europe

The condensed Trump related deals can become much related to what LHO and JFK discovered:

1.  Watch the Vid for legal positions

2. The next problem----the faked up PCR pandemic was used to push this.   If got this--you're screwed



Getting back to JFK and the LHO / CIA Kill Castro Vaccine.

That issue basically found out that cancer can become a biologic warfare agent, and the method is enhanced function SV-40 and using deuterium to damage cell Kreb's cycle ATP production and force high cell enolase productions that then damage cell wall isolation integrity so virus can infect cells and make tumors that kill.

Such is also basically the religious WORD of God as Forbidden Fruit, as fruits have too much deuterium and that causes the ATP drop and health issues.   It is also part of the Lord's Supper ministry that taught low deuterium diets and so on.    JFK technically discovered some of the biggest cover ups in medicine.

So, there are overlaps in what JFK and the CIA types were pulling from technical issues and the expanded issues for the same mechanism causing the Trump election problems due to those with 19 risks.   The crooked Dems also tossed 19 infected folks into Nursing homes and oild folks with high enolase health problems and that basically executed them.


A little deeper look at how these factors were known in the ancient days, may open up folks interests a bit better:

Keep in mind that the concepts behind the Jewish Kabbalah is all about Tree of Life---what is it---why is it.

That is most likely low deuterium tree water consistent to the Acacia tree.   Acacia was the Gold covered Ark of the Covenant's box.    All the Masons poke a acacia tree flake in the vest pocket of their departed dead at funerals.

The Philosopher's stone is likely Eqypt's Natron or Sodium Bicarbonate or similar Bicarb.    It modifies enolase and does enolase alkaline pH bump to avoid 1918 Flu----and now part of Emergen-C and other flu/cold methods.  The Gihon Spring was special.

Remember that Gihon Spring water was and is part of the 1st temple's special foundations and part of the rituals.  Gihon was 7.4 pH Bicarb water.

1st temple was Manna---low deuterium bicarb water.    Animal sacrifice was low deuterium grass fed meat and fats.

The 1 st temple used the Myrrh Incense that was highest medicine and low deuterium tree sap.

This and a lot of other deals with fermentation--wine, vinegar, Kimche, et al are all low deuterium magic.   These are the sciences of alchemy and health based on low deuterium and low managed cell enolase that mainlined cell wall isolation against pathogens.


Trump has as many or more that hate him and they are very well linked to the Dems backers and Masons that covered up what LHO and JFK knew about very long running illness and disease racketeering that made Big Pharma and AMA very rick via basically methods of hiding essential cell etiology and big time racketeering.   It appears those after Trump are the same racketeers and their motives that killed JFK.

Lots of the diet issues allowed to worsen is simple to observe via watching diabetic rates.    All countries that depend on rice and corn get highly hit with diabetes and these same countries are the same hit hard by 19.   (examples US, Mexico, China, India, et al) 

Put Simply, the US has been allowed or misled to not follow The Word and its wisdom to avoid high deuterium in foods and loose control over cell enolase issues for cell wall isolation.

The main reason for the JFK hit involved this secret, part medical, part religious and the same ugly system is after Trump.   Except Trump appears to be the bait that solves JFK and puts a huge number in prison or termination.   It is so bad as to be a bigger Nuremberg violation and basically the lies spoken of by Revelations.



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Basically, I take JFK's warning on secret society seriously, and take note of Masons taking Oaths, like the Mafia, to protect themselves.

They are a high level criminal organization that needed prosecuted via RICO ACT for being highly behind killing JFK, which involved 33rd Mason Guy Bannister, Hoover, Dulles, LBJ, Warren, Truman, Oak Ridge deuterium cover up Masons (Raymond W. Tucker, Sr), et al and other high level Masonic criminals embedded in the US system.

A job long overdue, all that took their Masonic Oaths need prosecuted as an Organized Mafia Criminal organization. And as Criminal Against Humanity for the cancer, deuterium cover ups that has serious harmed and killed millions, if not verging on trillions world-wide.

They are basically the Anti-Christs.

The JFK hit can only be solved when the criminal Masonic organization is fully criminally prosecuted for the JFK hit and then the larger crimes on Heath due to their concealing deuterium health factors.
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The Health and deuterium issues have been covered up and concealed in religion, in medicine, and nuke issues for a long time.

It causes all kinds of health issues and Dr's won't tell you about it.  The AMA Rockefeller Gang and Nuke type conceal this problem.

It was useful in the CIA, which Oak Ridge Supported, kill Castro Project:



The Oak Ridge Deuterium Religious Statue is rather famous and brings out the ancient religion connections in a Masonic type symbolism.

It was donated by the USAEC's main security person in Oak Ridge back in the latter 50's

No photo description available.

Basically, the snake with fangs in the Apple speak to a poison in fruits and associates with the WORD--Forbidden Fruit.

The Atom Symbol has the Sun Sign in the middle, circle with dot, then a three component atom (perhaps the deuterium 3 items--proton, neutron, electron.

Then if one looks real close the Star of David is there.

The Statue is that of Mary and she is looking right at the world's biggest deuterium storage plant.

She is part of the main Catholic church grounds in Oak Ridge---right in the middle of town.


So, if you read the DDW link you find deuterium causes cancers, screws up immune resistance and drives up viral infections.   So, it is well connected with Flu deaths each year due to high deuterium sugar /crab diets and also the major risk factors for those that died from CovID-19.

Once one notices LHO got connected to Oak Ridge and their super secret deuterium health and religious info----that was a major motive to kill both LHO and JFK to shut down that information going public as JFK got to the Truman Masonic Crook connections and their English Royalist and Jewish deep dark Solomon's Temple deals that symbolized deuterium and health benefits held tightly secret since those times.

To solve the JFK hit both deuterium factors and the corrupt domination of the US via Masonic crooks has to come out, and along with that the blame fingers must point to this cover up as the main reason the US got hit with CovID-19 and the crimes against humanity issues they caused and in many cases profited from.

They have caused so great a set of immense problems that they collectively are a National Security Rick issue to the US and greater world.   They must be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity and the JFK full truth needs to be fully released.

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