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When JFK Went Down to the Mexican Border

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       Everyone knows about Bobby Kennedy's friendship with Cesar Chavez, and his advocacy for migrant farm workers, but here's some Kennedy lore from the Mexican border that dates back to 1936.   Cool story.

       Quite a contrast with Donald Trump's use of the Mexican border as a backdrop for fear-mongering about immigrants.

John F. Kennedy’s months as an Arizona ranch hand

JFK at J-6 Ranch



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Cool story indeed.  I've read of Castle Hot Springs but never of his visit.

I notice in the picture from the J-Six JFK is wearing a fancy set of boots, with his jeans tucked in them.  As opposed to Oklahoma Pete.  It's also notable he didn't wear a hat.  He had an aversion to them I've read.  E.G. none during the extreme cold of his inauguration.

He was given a cowboy hat in Fort Worth at breakfast on 11/22/63.  Urged to put it on he jokingly persuaded the presenter to do so instead.  Promising to do so himself in the Whitehouse on Monday after he got back from the trip.

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