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No Mystery--Joe Milteer plugged into Grand Central Stations for the JFK hit in Fla and Tx.

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Lots of folks seem stumped about South Georgia's Joe Milteer.   He was plugged into many areas of JFK murder plots.

Milteer's friends in New Orleans were the grand central station of the JFK hit forming from Marcello and Masonic Shriner Bannister.

Milteer was connected to every extreme whack job from Ga/Fla to New Orleans, Dallas and clear to California.  He was an extreme violence busy-body.

And the FBI suppressed this from  Warren Commission and HSCA.   One look at MIlteer and his New Orleans connections would busted the JFK hit wide open.



Joe Milteer was associated with New Orleans Citizen Council of New Orleans

In Oct 1963, the FBI learned that Milteer attended the Constitution Party meeting where plots to kill JFK by Hard-Core Underground were discussed.


Joseph Milteer attended the April of 63 Congress of Freedom meeting in New Orleans where assassinations of Prominent Individual in Govt and Industry leaders was discussed.

This information was kept from the Warren Commission and the HSCA


There is a Gold Mine of the Joe Milteer and his associates like Guy Bannister kept from the Warren Commission and HSCA.


pages  153- 154--155--156   159-160   and lots more

General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: The Extensive New ...

By Jeffrey H. Caufield, M.D.

https://books.google.com/books?id=M7JYCgAAQBAJ&pg=PA150&lpg=PA150&dq=Guy+Bannister+Shriners+New+Orleans&source=bl&ots=UE3rRHSKcM&sig=ACfU3U3RvoK5-ttVPj_Lnb2wbfOQ5NYVFg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi8-cPxnM3xAhVZaM0KHZoPBXEQ6AEwEnoECBMQAw#v=onepage&q=Guy Bannister Shriners New Orleans&f=false

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When Did Milteer pass on---1974

Somehow this guy held a charmed existence to not be exposed in WC  and  HSCA hearings for JFK involements



The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963 and 1968, respectively.

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I do not think Milteer just made a lucky guess. I've often thought that the actual shooters were likely to be motivated more by ideology rather than money or professionalism. I'd imagine that most professional assassins would have realized that they too would be "removed" soon after the assassination and therefore be reluctant to get involved for fear of their own personal safety.

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I think Milteer's information not being passed by the glorious criminal FBI's 33rd degree Mason Hoover and then inglorious Masonic Warren as a 33 rd Mason Criminal Conspirator helping criminals LBJ and Hoover stands out for why these Fed Agencies are part of the problem in concealment of evidence and not allowing the simple strait forward solving the JFK murder a few weeks after it occurred.

Instead the inglorious criminal FBI's Masons invented and supported the Mafia's typical frame up of an innocent man.

It is time to call for the criminal prosecution of CIA, FBI and DOJ and the complete revelations of the Criminal Masonic gangsters that keep this criminal operation hidden to this very day.
And that since the cover ups involved deuterium methods to kill with Cancer using Cancer, and that concealment of deuterium has harmed millions health---that the charges include Crimes Against Humanity and extreme RICO Act prosecutions of the criminal conspiring agencies themselves---to include CIA, FBI, DOJ, Executive offices of the Presidents.

I think all the world knows how much a criminal sham the JFK cover ups have become---it is time to end denials and any citizen's support for our Criminal Organization holding the People of the US Hostage.

The US needs to go to Military Justice, for a while, to clean house and process Death Penalty Prosecutions.   without delay.   Without serial book writers and movie makers spinning obvious crimes into infinite diversions of truth..

The Cover up on Deuterium involves the vulnerability of the US to Covid-19, as well as many other illnesses.  The AMA, Via the Rockefeller, methods is up to their necks in profiteering via that deuterium etiology cover up.    All AMA Med Schools that helped in this cover up need Criminal Prosecution ---and lots profited from the JFK related deuterium info concealment.  This needs to include MED, USAEC, DOE and other linked organizations, and especially those in Oak Ridge that passed deuterium into into the New Orleans CIA's Kill Castro Project.

It appears Bill Barr is up to his neck in these cover ups that have harmed all in America and the world, and if that be so---then arrest and death penalty prosecution needs to proceed.

LHO needs to become exonerated by Presidential Decree.  The Warren Report needs to be found as a Criminal Composition and declared invalid and all associated as Criminal Elements.

The US has an extremely corrupt and criminal Govt.

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The Miami police department took Milteer's JFK shooting attempt plan comments ( from an office building window with a high powered rifle - picking up a patsy soon after ) on the secret tape made just a week or two before JFK's arrival there so seriously, they changed JFK's entire transportation security plan in part because of it.

The Miami PD had to have made a background check on Milteer before the taping which obviously told them this guy was one serious, well connected and dangerous threat to JFK. Enough so they felt they had to do something as involved as planting secret tape recorders and manipulating Milteer to talk about JFK with a planted source.

You'd think, after this astounding comment recording of this very serious threat individual, that every national and big city police agency concerned with JFK's security during his multi-state political campaign jaunt would have had a 24 /7 tail on this deadly serious, dangerous and nationally connected character who was also wealthy and was involved in other deadly force incidents centered around his extreme racial hatred sentiments and activities.

If Milteer was in Dealey Plaza when JFK was slaughtered there as he bragged he was ... his foreknowledge has to be considered as one of the most important leads in the case imo. 

And Milteer obviously knew Guy Bannister. They were both members of the same racial hatred groups, at the same time and both considered higher ups.

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I think the writing has been on the wall for the Masonic criminal networks installed at high level places in US Govt. by Truman and others, and this has been a consistent gang blocking solving the JFK assassination.

JFK's Secret Society Speech well defined them and all these delays, cover ups, hiding evident is due to their corrupt ugly systems.   Any law enforcement using the excuse that the WC report solved the JFK must have mandatory criminal prosecutions and involve RICO for their associates and clean house of these coordinated criminals.

The Masons have soiled their own nests for a long long time as far as criminal involvement in US insurrections and treason's of various sorts connected to UK and their King David extended family issues of trying to control and dominate the US.  Pike's design was insurrections of US for UK.

The Fact that USAEC's deuterium issues enters what the corrupt Masons were trying to conceal linked to the JFK murder motive--now has them all well connected to the concealment of deuterium's various deadly and fatal health effects.   There are likely many corrupt USAEC Masons and their helpers that require death penalty prosecution due to there severity and long running damages due to deuterium since 1963.

Now, every person in the US can charge them, Masons, FBI, CIA, DOJ with Crimes Against Humanity, even their own family's can charge their masonic criminal family and work RICO Act Death Penalty prosecution.

The whole world needs to turn on these extreme crooks that have crapped their own families, not to mention all US Citizens and People of the World that were kept from knowing the deuterium etiology that causes and dominates many disease and illnesses progressions and early deaths.

There needs to be no place these criminals can escape prosecution and no place that they can be welcome in any Govt., or power/authority over others.

It is time to go after the main problem as it is well defined via extensive cover up actions and evidence, and basically called out by JFK  himself from almost day 1 of his Presidency.

It is time everyone listened and acts collectively.


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The Masonic Intent, the Knowledge they held via deceit and treachery, their death threat rituals, and what they were programmed to kill to hide from the world.

Lets talk a bit more on Masonic Intent, rituals;, threats of death to maintain secrets linked to Solomon's Temple---and example for Hiram Abiff---a 1st  Mason.

We all know the old Temple held big secrets of deuterium that was part of Manna from Heaven produced from oil field and volcanic like heat in the area of Midian, via Earth Processes, in the times of the Exodus and Moses.  It was also part of the grass fed animal sacrifices used by 1st temple as these are low deuterium meats and oils that promote energy, health, and longevity via low deuterium diets.

These Masonic Rituals start at the very first level of Masonic Memberships and they were apparently written by Albert Pike himself.  the guy that sought to take over the US from within after the Civil War for the UK, Royalism, and decedents from David's Throne.   You knock on their door and join you swear an OATH to themselves.

All these Masonic Ritual deals are published on the Net these days from many Christians that found issues in Masonry.

They basically show there is a huge secret from Solomon's Temple's time that all have to protect even under threat of death.

These days the deuterium issues on health are known and published,   Oak Ridge and the USAEC have been hiding these deuterium secrets for decades. The Masonic Rituals show the intend to conceal the deuterium factors from all except themselves to gain control and power over others.

The Masons show intend, reason to kill to hide the secret and so on.

JFK paid their cult like price.   And everyone else pays a serious health price if JFK is left unsolved.

And it is all admitted in their very training and loyalty Oaths.   They can be easily convicted for Crimes Against Humanity due to their ritual training.

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JFK sometimes sent out messages to the American people through his speeches that revealed his real concern about the competing power entities that worked in ways outside our constitutionally framed and oversight government.

He realized how powerful the CIA had become. He realized that they held secrets even from him.

He realized that more and more they promoted and followed "their" own agenda often conflicting with his own.

JFK also became more aware of the extraordinary power of our military leaders ( Chiefs Of Staff ) and that if their agendas were different than his own, it wasn't impossible that these leaders could react dramatically and ominously against him.

JFK's secret society speech was one such public wake up call imo.

Akin to Ike Eisenhower's farewell Military Industrial Complex growing power and influence ("outsides the confines of our democratic principles and institutions" warning speech?

JFK also encouraged John Frankenheimer to follow through with the film "Seven Days In May."

Reportedly JFK felt the American people needed to know though a mass media film production, of the real possibility that a President could be removed through a coup by elements of our own military. Another warning effort.

I believe Kennedy knew more and more how much these outside forces had become so powerful as Eisenhower had warned, and if a president wasn't going to promote these secret power groups agendas, a very real scenario of overthrow could happen.

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What you associate has much merit.   The Mil/Ind Network that took over was the MED or the Manhattan Project and its extreme security that killed thousands in the Project's New York area as suspected BUND spies.  Lots that turned into projection of Royalists and their long existing deuterium secrets and a Q or Queen's Clearance to cover up the religious associations of Deuterium.  That became so extreme that a raging Zionist in Canada, named Louis Bloomfield, had power over DISC, FBI Div 5, and up PERMINDEX upstarts.   He was the only one the UK gangsters trusted to cover up the 1st Temple's deuterium secrets and how all that became the UK Royalist's right to rule and take over areas via Colonial methods..

Lots of the continual problems go way back to those with the God Complex and thinking they are the supreme power and dominate leadership of the planet. Some of it plays into the FED control over US Money via Royalist bankers. and the New York power.   Lots of this mess hit even FDR as he became fronds with Stalin and FDR did not intend to use the bomb om Japan as his Sec of Navy Jim Forrestal has a surrender in hand via the Catholic Churches in Japan.  Basically FDR designed a Four Freedoms plan that was to be implemented at the end of WWII and would terminate al Colonial Holdings by UK and others and wipe out England's abuses of Power, as well as others.

FDR became UK's enemy and the UK tried to poison him in Egypt and killed some General.  They FDR started staying where Stalin and his security would protect FDR in Tehran and so on.   FDR stopped playing UK games for Royalist Power and control.   So, they FDR suddenly died at Warm Springs and Stalin and all thought the Southern SR Masons poisoned him and wanted to see his body.   That was denied and FDR quickly burred and UK's Lap Dog Mason Truman was pushed into US power and quickly controlled by English Masonic control and insurrection methods over the US.   

Truman became the English insurrection Masons lap dog that pushed in total UK Masonic control over the US.    JFK and his Catholic buddies knew all about this and JFK went after corrupt UK insurrection Truman and his Secret Society.   Soon the deuterium cover up Masons took over the Manhattan Project and helped the UK insurrection cover up and hide the religious connections for deuterium.    So, they were the ones that soon went after JFK as he and his spy LHO spotted the CIA Masonic Dulles Masonic gangster going to kill Castro using deuterium and enhanced SV-40 cancer virus.    So, they JFK had enough to destroy the out of control UK Masonic controlled CIA and the corrupt deuterium cover up Masonic control and dominated Oak Ridge and their magic deuterium nuke Fusion Explosives.

So, the real hit for JFK originated at ORNL with Raymond W. Tucker, SR, an Oak Ridge Masons with all the bloody Mil/Ind Network power to kill and cover up killing anyone they wanted.   They had done that in New York with Army's Ralph I. Lockhart's deals worked from Plainfield, NJ with various Mafia gangs to kill German BUND all around New York.   To this Mil/Ind Network Gang JFK was just like FDR backing Stalin and JFK needed killed just like they did Joe Kennedy pal FDR.    Soon they were off killing FDR buddy James Forrestall for going after UK insurrection Gangster Truman.    Next, the 1st Catholic President got called a Communist from JCS'  Canadian insurrection Curtis LeMay and his Jewish insurrection master Lyman Lemnitzer.   Both those JCS guys hated JFK, and LeMay a Canadian Mason and art of the US Masonic insurrection and likewise Jewish Lemnitzer was a UK backing Masonic insurrection Truman take over the US from within Truman Royalist Gangster.

Yes, it was very easy for the Oak Ridge connected Masons to set up JFK being killed and crooked Texas Mason being plugged in to back and cover up US take over methods by Truman.  ORNL's Masonic Tucker, SR was big pals with Zionists Jack Ruby and his Chicago Mafia was easy to cooperate to kill JFK in LBJ's Zionist controlled Dallas, Tx.    Even have the whole thing filmed by Jewish Masonic Zionist Abe Zapruder, who was Ruby's big buddy from Dal-Tex that was the real shooter's nest.  Evne make a huge rigged Masonic insurrection WC document to frame LHO to conceal their crimes against humanity from deuterium cover ups and killing  JFK to maintain that.

It was a huge Mil/Ind Network uprising, mainly from USAEC connections, power, and history to kill JFK using extensive Truman Insurrection Masonic take over of the US..

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So, these "God Complex" issues go way back to 1 st temple deals and Royalist's right to rule in UK per Throne of David an their God games.   It even gets into the hate from the 70 AD war that the Roman Catholic, who backed Jesus, were going after the Jerusalem take over and cleaning out Jerusalem's Rome rebellions, burning down their Temple and tearing it totally down, and going after them at Masada.   The Roman killed most of them and scattered the rest and now there is huge efforts to make sure no other Temple cranks up their nutty deuterium worship and deuterium cover up Temples that led to immense harm to the world's health.

This long existing Roman hate then gets into the English Rule Royalists, all their Jewish Throne of David Relatives and so on.   They even hate Irish Catholics and that UK Vs Irish deal is where lots of the UK's Masonic Origins come from.  All those factions feared Irish Catholic JFK taking the US Presidency and they were ready to kill,  just as they had FDR.    They forced corrupt LBJ onto the JFK ticket to be able to do an instant replay of the FDR to Truman take over of the US, and the Masonic Hoover deal to Black mail LBJ onto the JFK ticket was the Masonic set up against JFK set in place early on via corrupt SR Mason Hoover to put his corrupt Texas SR Zionist Mason buddy in place of Catholic JFK, if things went bad for the Truman insurrection gangsters taking over the US from within.

This is a highly corrupt intense hate fest that has been running with the "God Complex" types for thousands of years.   It is criminal to the Max to the point of being Revelations is the result.    The harm to billions is the outcome and the criminal prosecutions will result in reparations for the massive harm done to the US and the world being in trillions and trillions that even the Masonic Crooks children's children can never pay off.

So, now the massive criminal reasons for intense methods of criminal deceit and treachery against anyone seeking the truth on JFK become clear.   Things would have been much more simple if JFK had won his Masonic offensive, but then we would not have this build up leading into Revelations.   Revelations was simple to predict for anyone that knew the temple's deuterium secret on deuterium and that it would fester and build up to the final breaking point of Revelations Prophecy.   Hence, some of the visions from John of Patmos come true and now the why and how is explained from deuterium's health and history of concealment issues.

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One of the heads of the JFK hit plans in New Orleans conspiracy was Ex-FBI's Guy Bannister, who was 33rd Masonic Shriner down in New Orleans.  Bannister was heavily tied to various Mafias including Marcellos.  JFK's dad and family were close with FDR and folks like James Forrestal and all that appears part of why they tagged JFK as a Communist.

Masonic Shiners are why a lot of Christians don't like Masons, and perhaps why a lot of Masons relish Morocco's hate Christians history and people like JFK.   Seems the old Roman Catholic hate by Masons and Zionists endorsed any others that hated Christians and murdered them.   All these Masonic Shriner deals seem to have this same deal.

We have one of the Shriner Masonic deals here in Tennessee and it is named for "Kerbela" Temple in Iraq, that is the 2nd most important deal in Islam:  It is bigger than the temple mount area's importance for Islam.   They appear to want some mix of Solomon's temple with Islam's Shrines.

The only Islam country that allows Masons is Morocco.   All the rest of Islam does not allow Masons.

One of the Carlos Marcello deals was he emulated Guy Bannister's Shriner charity to have the area not jump on his criminal Mafia issues.   The Charity deal is a cover for Masonic insurrection methods used to take over the US from within and work in Christian Morrocan hate by Masons that hated Catholic JFK.

It is interesting the Masons support the area known for Barbary Coast Pirates, that Jefferson went after,  and killing Christians in wars.


Lots of Christians don't like Masons and the Red Fez deal is one reason. Even the Latter Day Saints have dumped Masons as they have noticed their symbols. The Fez in Arabic deals is symbol for the blood of Christians in one of many wars. I think they should have picked a different symbol there.

Lots of the Christian killer deals were Morocco connected and linked to the Barbary Coast Pirates that the US Marines took on and killed off, as a part of US Military History.
Make ones own mind up.

The city of Kerbela has been the focus of the Islamic world since the battle of Kerbela in 680 AD. Historical records show that the land of Kerbela belonging to the Adananite Arab tribe of Banu Asad. Imam Hussian, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) purchased the land from Banu Asad before the battle of Kerbela on the 10 th of October 680 AD. The battle of Kerbela marks an important milestone in the Islamic history. Imam Hussian was killed along with his seventy one companions facing an army of over four thousand. The city of Kerbela started to grow around the graves of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, his kin and his faithful companions. The city of Kerbela is located approximately sixty miles southwest of the city of Baghdad. More than 25 million
people attended the Arba'een Pilgrimage in 2018. Arba'een marks the 40-day mourning period after Ashura. Ashura is the 10 th day in the first Islamic calendar month of Muharram. Ashura marks the day of the battle of Kerbela. The last 1300 years history of the city of Kerbela tells a unique story of its genesis and evolution as one of the holiest sites of Islam. This paper presents a historic view of the city's evolution intertwined with its deep cultural and religious underpinnings.
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This is the whole Obit for Raymond W. Tucker, Sr., who was a Big Shriner Mason who worked for Jewish Managed Oak Ridge National Lab that hated JFK and got his Army Air Core buddy Jack Ruby to kill JFK using the His Chicago Mob connections.   In 1963, they lived at 1121 Withlow Rd. in the Community of Norwood in Knoxville, Tennessee..   His father worked for TVA.  His Brother Charlie lived across the street from him also worked at ORNL..

This Masonic Person was a key player involved in getting JFK killed by Jack Ruby to conceal that Oak Ridge was involved in providing LHO the cancer kill techniques using deuterium as the potentiate argent for enhanced SV-40 made using Dr. Mary Sherman's cancer vaccine research accelerator in New Orleans for the CIA effort to kill Castro.

The CIA's SV-40 project had LHO as the CIA runner, used David Ferrie for rodent labs, Judy Baker as viral harvest technician, and Dr Mary Sherman.   LHO, Mary Sherman, and David Ferrie were all killed to hide the project, CIA/Oak Ridge involvement, and Dr. Alton Oschner as the CIA idea Originator.

Judy Baker survived by living down low for decades and wrote her book telling of her CIA cancer project and her affair with LHO.

This is the real deal history on how JFK was killed to promote crooked Mason LBJ.

These people were involved in one of the worst crimes in US history, and this is how corrupt Masons blend in as perfect church people right under everyone's nose.   This how insidious the Masons are at taking over the US from within.




TUCKER, RAYMOND W. SR. - age, 82, of Knoxville passed away suddenly on Saturday, June 17, 2006 in Durham, North Carolina. Member of Central Baptist Church, Fountain City and Moulders Sunday school class. Ray was a fine Christian gentleman. He retired from Oak Ridge National Laboratory after 39 years of service. He was Past Master of Bright Hope Lodge #557 F. & A.M. and a member of the Shrine, the Lions Club, and Gideons International. He was a longtime volunteer for the Knoxville Open. Ray was an ordained deacon in the Baptist Church and was active in many church activities. He was a veteran of WWII, serving in the Army Air Corps. Preceded in death by his parents Henry and Bertha Tucker, brother and sister in law, Charles "Bug" and Barbara Tucker. Survived by his loving wife of 59 years, Betty Tucker; daughter and son-in-law Jeannie and Dale Singley of Greensboro, North Carolina; son and daughter in law, Raymond, Jr. and Renee Tucker of Knoxville; grandchildren Cindy Albright and husband Seth, Charles Tucker, Denise Singley and Devin Singley. Masonic and fFuneral services, 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, Central Baptist Church, Fountain City with Dr. David Crocker, Dr. James McCluskey and Dr. James Robertson officiating. Family and friends will meet, 9:45 a.m., Wednesday, Lynnhurst Cemetery for entombment at 10:00 a.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the American Diabetes Association or Central Baptist Church, Fountain City. The family will receive friends Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the church. Mynatt Funeral home, Fountain City in charge of arrangements

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This was the Wife of Raymond W. Tucker, Sr., who lived at 1121 Withlow Rd., in Knoxville, Tn.  at the time of the JFK murder.   She was an Organist for the Wallace Memorial Baptist Church on Merchants Rd. in the Knoxville Norwood community.

This husband and wife sent their kids around the neighborhood knocking on doors bragging that their father knew Jack Ruby.

The Knoxville Norwood Community was a distance from Oak Ridge to get less pollution and better housing.   This Norwood community had a lot of Oak Ridge workers and many of them Masons.

Eastern Star is a Masonic Women's group.

All these people were a part of the JFK murder plot in 1963 and had full knowledge.




TUCKER, BETTY HODGE - age 86 of Knoxville, born March 14, 1928 in Middlesboro, Kentucky passed away peacefully January 6, 2015. A retiree of the Knox County School System as a library aide, she was a longtime church organist, a member of the American Guild of Organists, and a member of the Eastern Star. She will be remembered as a loving mother and wife with a sweet and gentle nature. She was preceded in death by her husband of 59 years Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. and brother, Ernest Hodge. Survivors include daughter Jeannie Singley and husband Dale of Greensboro, North Carolina; son Raymond W. Tucker, Jr. and wife Renee; grandchildren Cindy Albright, Denise Singley Lawrence, Charles Tucker, and Devin Singley; two great grandchildren; sisters Ann Cook, Frances Rose, and Eleanor Carpenter, as well as several nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the American Diabetes Association or The Samaritan's Purse Relief Ministry, PO Box 3000, Boone, NC 28607. The family will receive friends 6:00-8:00 PM Friday at Mynatt Funeral Home Fountain City Chapel. A private interment will be held for the family. A celebration of life service will be held 2:30 PM Saturday at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, 9132 Kingston Pike. www.mynattfh.com

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THE USAEC's Atomic Museum Visitor Log that shows LHO came to Oak Ridge and learned deuterium and cancer methods as a runner for CIA kill Castro Project in New Orleans.

This USAEC page made it into the FBI's hands  and likely tipped off that LHO was an agent for JFK / RFK and that the deuterium secrets would be exposed to JFK and he would come after the corrupt Masonic CIA, as well as the corrupt Masonic Oak Ridge operations and their deuterium cover up issues.




This is where Raymond W. Tucker, Sr met Jack Ruby in the Army Air Core.   That meet up later turned into ORNL Masonic Tucker getting Zionist and LBJ connected Ruby to be the Dallas Point Man to kill JFK using Chicago's Sam Giancana's hit men.

This is the real deal of how it happened.

The Kerbela Shine, that I used in an example earlier, is where I think  Tucker belonged and worse the Red Fez as symbolic of spilling Christian's blood.  For the Oak Ridge Masons he is their hero for having JFK killed, using Ruby, and saving their jobs.   This is how incredibly corrupt this area has become due to Masonic Criminal Activities.



"During World War II he was drafted into the United States Army Air Corps (1943) and spent the war at southern bases working as an aircraft mechanic."

All you just read on Tucker and his Masons, ORNL, and the rest is the real deal on JFK that I have known for decades, and this applies


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