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Destroying the WC Lies --- The Rifle, Part V

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The deposit that never was : The Klein's deposit & its deposit slip 

Still another problem with the purchasing of the rifle involves the alleged deposit of the "Hidell" money order by Klein's Sporting Goods. Waldman 10 shows that the $13,000 deposit had a deposit slip of 2/15/63. If you look at that exhibit, you'll see that the date at the bottom of the bulk statement is the date "3-13"63". I believe that these two documents represent a deposit which was made on 2/15/63, and a bank statement for the period ending 3/13/63.

Before the naysayers respond that the deposit slip could have been in an honest mistake, I would like to point out that BOTH the month AND the day are wrong ( if you buy the deposit being made on 3/13/63 ). I could see an error on the month at the beginning of the month, but an error on the MONTH AND DAY in the MIDDLE of a month ?

IMO, it's pretty hard to believe it's an honest mistake. Besides, no bank would let such a mistake pass.

From the evidence I've seen, the FBI used a 2/15/63 deposit of an American Express Money Order and tried to pass it off as a 3/13/63 deposit of a postal money order.

Let me explain why I believe that.

I believe that Klein's made a monthly deposits on the 15th of the month. And what we're looking at are TWO documents, dated a month apart, for the SAME deposit. the first is the February 15, 1963 deposit slip with a total of $ 13,827.98 in deposits from Klein's sporting goods to be deposited into their account in the First National Bank of Chicago. ( 21 H 706 )

The second ( the bulk statement ) appears to me to be a bank statement, mailed to Klein's ONE MONTH LATER, dated March 13, 1963 and listing all of the checks and money orders deposited on 2/15 and part of that exhibit ( Waldman 10 ) includes one other separate deposit of $ 2,116.91 , date unknown ( below ). If Klein's bank statements were tallied as of the 13th of the month, then a deposit on the 15th of February would not show up until March 13th's statement.


Unfortunately, the date for this second "deposit" is cut off, making it impossible to determine its exact date.

That is, I believe, why the "deposit" has two different dates. One is for the actual deposit and the other is for the bank statement received by Klein's the following month. If true, then the FBI took a bank deposit for February 15th, 1963 that included TWO items for $ 21.45 and tried to pass one of them off as a deposit of the "Hidell" money order, using the date of the statement as a date of deposit.

Again, my opinion is that they couldn't have used an actual March deposit slip because there was no deposit of $ 21.45 in March.

If this were a March deposit, the deposit slip should say March and the bank statement should say April.

It seems to me, looking at the evidence, that Klein's never had a deposit of $ 21.45 in March of 1963 but had 2 in February.

The problem with a February deposit, obviously, was that neither of the deposits could have been a "Hidell" postal money order with a postal stamp of 3/12. So the FBI took the bank statement dated 3/13/63, which was actually for the 2/15 deposit, and claimed that it was all part of a 3/13 deposit.

Again, that's my opinion, based on what I've seen.

Absent the dated stamp of the bank, it was IMPOSSIBLE to say when and IF the money order had been deposited. It was particularly difficult for Waldman in his testimony to nail down the WHEN.

Mr. WALDMAN. ..... Now, we cannot specifically say when this money order was deposited, but on our deposit of March 13, 1963, we show an item of $21.45, as indicated on the XEROX COPY OF OUR DEPOSIT SLIP marked, or IDENTIFIED by--AS WALDMAN DEPOSITION EXHIBIT No. 10.
Mr. BELIN. And I have just marked as a document what you are reading from, which appears to be a deposit with the First National Bank of Chicago by your company; is that correct?
Mr. WALDMAN. That's correct.
Mr. BELIN. And on that deposit, one of the items is $21.45, out of a total deposit that day of $13,827.98; is that correct ?
Mr. WALDMAN. That's correct.
( 7 H 367-368 )


But there's  more evidence to back up my theory.

The $ 21.45 deposit they are referring to was an American Express Money Order and NOT the "Hidell" postal order because it is described IN DETAIL by Robert Wilmouth, Vice President of the First National Bank of Chicago, Klein's bank. His description is so precise that he described the entries listed before and after the "$ 21.45" in Waldman 10 to their exact penny.

That's pretty credible to me.

 Needless to say, Robert Wilmouth never appeared on the FBI's witness list to testify before the Commission and identify the "Hidell" money order as having passed through his bank, either in live testimony or by deposition.
If the deposit was made in February, as I suggest, then the $ 21.45 in Waldman 10's deposit of $ 13.827.98 couldn't possibly be the "Hidell" money order . And there's evidence showing that it wasn't.


In Commission Document 7, pg. 192 ( below ) , Wilmouth told the FBI that there were TWO deposits of $ 21.45 and the one in the $ 13,827.98 deposit ( Waldman 10 ) was an American Express money order, NOT the postal money order sent by "A.Hidell". He said that "the item appeared on a tape between an item of $ 15.08 and an item of $ 14.36, precisely where David Belin put a mark on Waldman 10.



Wilmouth was specific in his identification of the AmEx money order. He said that it was on a tape between deposits of $ 15.03 and $ 14.36, precisely the deposit that the WC said was the postal money order sent by "A.Hidell".

That's a pretty credible witness.

Tomorrow: Oswald's handwriting: Did he really fill out those forms ?


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That seems to me a good explanation.


I have always wondered about the two different dates.

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