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Getting Adam Curtis out of our Heads

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This is part 3 of Aaron Good's demolition of Adam Curtis's long mini series Can't Get you out of My Head.  Which is supposed to explain why the world is such a mess.  

As Aaron points out, it does no such thing.  Anyone who can try and explain the JFK case through Kerry Thornley, needs a new research team.  But as Aaron postulates, maybe its really worse than that.  I really think that in its epic sweep, this is one of the best things we have publsihed.


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The quote Aaron uses about JFK on imperialism vs nationalism, that tells you all that Curtis missed.

Its like he did not know that Thornley hated JFK because of his stand for Lumumba and a unified, independent Congo, free of imperialism.

Who did the research for this guy? Or do they have censors at the BBC?

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