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How the Connallys were Deceived by being Shown an Altered Film

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Greg Parker has put forth the idea that Oswald was tailing Joe Molina (who worked at the Book Depository), after Dallas Communist Party chief Bill Lowery - who had been keeping an eye on Molina for eight years and reporting to Jim Hosty and his colleagues for $200 a month - came out as an FBI informant in September 1963.

Oswald was lurking around the first floor that last hour - it was like he was waiting for a phone to ring.  Molina's office was on the second floor, and was out on the steps at the time of the motorcade.

Gannaway and the Red Squad crowd came to Molina's home that night with a search warrant.  Molina gave them permission to search, he talked to them that night and the next day - he was "detained" but they never arrested him.

It is food for thought - David, do you have any thoughts on that?

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