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Holy Smokes! Fox is the New Hero of American Journalism?

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Yes, there is a rancid sentence in the above regarding Trump. But 99% good. 

And compare this take on the JFKA, and the Records Act, to any other news outfit. 

(While I disagree with the sentence regarding Trump, it might be useful posturing. That is, if the Trumpers believe that disclosing all documents is a good thing, that adds to the pressure to do so. On the other hand, the modern left may oppose release of the documents if they think Trumpers want disclosure. See The Daily Beast.)

The shame here is on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NYT, Wapo et al.  In the vernacular of the street, "Man, where are you?" 


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I share your jubilation about Fox finally telling the truth about something.  Will wonders never cease?

Could this be the final nail in the coffin for the "modern left?"  🤥

(Fox has also been toning down their 18 month long anti-mask, anti-vax COVID disinformation campaign recently-- while simultaneously blaming Biden for vaccine hesitancy in red states.)

And, as I said here earlier this week, where is the rest of the U.S. M$M on JFK Revisited?  The silence is deafening.

Apparently, most of our M$M is still working under contract with Langley.

But, honestly, I don't think that you need to worry inordinately about the "modern left" opposing the release of the JFK records.

It's not like JFK was some sort of proto-fascist who denigrated minority groups in order to rally his base.



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Any encouragement to study the facts of the JFKA via Mr. Stone and Jim's movie is a welcome development.

Before extrapolating anything beyond that, remember that Trump and crew (i.e. Fox) have been trying to pry the JFKA topic away from being considered a Democrat crusade since Trump first ran for POTUS.

Trump hoped/hopes to be a dictator, and anything to embarrass the CIA, FBI, or any other government institution that might stand in the way of that, is considered beneficial in that attempt. It's a pure, calculated political move.

Roger Stone steered him in that direction back in 2015, and they've been working at it ever since.


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I welcome all people, regardless of political stripe (barring some hate-drenched extremists), into the JFKA community. 

Jacob Hornberger is a libertarian, and leading member of the JFKA community. Fine. We are lucky for his participation.

Many in the non-establishment wings of the GOP are open-minded about the national-security state involvement in the HFKA. Fine. We are lucky to see them in the community. 

The real question is, "Can we get the modern Democratic Party-Media Complex on board?"  

Not yet. 


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I have to say, that was not bad at all.

I have yet to see the four part series though.  I heard Willens told a whopper.  Which I expected.

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1 hour ago, Michaleen Kilroy said:

Saw part 4 and part 1. Can’t say the truth isn’t out there when Jeff Morley gets the majority of airtime.

I think Fox sees this as a way to hurt Biden. There’s a general consensus he won’t do the right thing in releasing the files.

Michaleen K.-- Maybe, but the number of voters (sadly) who care about JFK docs or even 9/11 docs must be rather small, in the big picture. 

Sometimes, journalists actually want to be journalists. Other times, maybe the network see a money-making opportunity. 

In the last 10-15 years or so, there has been a new wing in the GOP that is at least willing to question the globalist national security state narrative. The old crusty Richard Nixon communications director Pat Buchanan talks about this. 

Ironically, this has happened as the establishment Democratic Party blends into the DC-media-globalist national security state blob.

It is an unbrave new world. 






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