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Gunsmoke, Gunfire in Dealey Plaza---A Diversion?

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10 hours ago, Sean Coleman said:
On 8/30/2021 at 1:57 PM, Benjamin Cole said:

James Files!! Picket fence!! Remington XP100!! Bitemarks on casing!!........JFK murder solved!!!!!!!!!!

For me, the Files story was a dead end from the moment FBI agents called him surprisingly credible. 

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On 9/3/2021 at 1:30 AM, Benjamin Cole said:


I take issue on one point: There had to be a JFKA conspiracy, as the occupants of the limo were struck by bullets too rapidly to have been shot by a single gunman armed with a bolt-action rifle. 

Additionally, at least  22 witnesses, many veterans and police, smelled gunsmoke in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, in Dealey Plaza, which was upwind from LHO. At a minimum, that suggests diversionary gunfire from the Grassy Knoll area.  Even diversionary gunfire translates into a conspiracy. 

Anyway, that is my take. 


I think it's all about how much of this evidence can be put into the "certain" category as opposed to the "possible" or "probable" categories.

It is quite noticeable how many witnesses reported smelling gunpowder, including those in the motorcade such as BJ Martin, Dearie Cabell, and Ralph Yarborough.  Curiously Earle V. Brown was over 100 yards away from Dealey Plaza towards the Stemmons Freeway, and he also reported the smell.  This very wide range of people in different locations does make me wonder whether whether it was actually the smell of smoke or gunpowder, or whether it was just a psychological reaction to the sound of gunfire mixed with real ambient smells (e.g. vehicle exhausts).  With the lack of independent or objective proof either way it's hard to be certain, so I would put the smell of gunsmoke into the "possible" category.

In terms of the reports of visible smoke in the knoll area it's slightly different as it's much more specific.  Several people refer to it in the same location so I do feel there was something in the air floating around, but was it related to a gun?  Unless someone was using a musket or a cannon I suspect not.  The "smoke" may have been related to the explosion we see in the Zapruder film at Z313, with vapour and debris in the air, or possibly vehicle exhaust fumes drifting towards the knoll as they all roared away (the wind was blowing that day so airborne particles would have moved around).  It's hard to be certain of the exact cause, but yes, I'm sure something real did indeed stimulate so many identical witness reports so I say this is "certain", but the actual cause of the airborne material is somewhat moot.

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The corner of Ross Avenue and N Lamar Streets is 2 blocks north and 4 blocks east of the TSBD at 411 Elm St.

Proximity makes the location of the found .38 S&W a tad suspicious.

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7 hours ago, Matt Allison said:

I believe a "starter pistol" from that era, like those used at track meets, would have also presented the exact same effects: sound of gun firing, sight of smoke, and smell of gunpowder.

That's right. I hadn't thought of that. Also, theatrical pistols make noise and smoke, but issue only wads of paper.

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