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Sirhan's pending parole - Kerry Kennedy speaks out

Steve Roe

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The picture below is a person of interest ... one who got away.  Wonder where he ended up?   I doubt that he went to prison for 50 years.   

Michael Wayne (real name Wien) was a twenty-one-year-old from England who professed to be of Jewish background, and not from the mid-east. Wayne worked at Pickwick Bookstore on Sunset Boulevard. He had gained entry to the pantry by obtaining a press button, and even managed to get into Kennedy’s suite on the 5th floor earlier in the night. When Kennedy went down to the Embassy room to make his speech, Wayne followed. He was loitering in the kitchen, was asked to leave, but returned shortly before the shooting took place. What happened after Wayne was arrested and handcuffed by Ace Security Guard Mallard is unclear, and troubling. An LAPD supplemental report to Michael Wayne’s interview states:

This investigator received information that the business card of Keith Duane Gilbert was in the possession of Wayne, at the time of his apprehension after Sen. Kennedy was shot. Gilbert is reported to be an extremist and militant who has been involved in a dynamite theft, previously.

The suspicious Wayne may have been a Sirhan 'double', or in cahoots with the Polka Dot Girl. Wayne (Wien) allegedly had a rolled-up tube (presumably a signed poster of RFK) and was noticeably fleeing the scene when several individuals chased him. He was detained because they thought he had a gun. Other accounts have him working in an antiques store in LA, and a 'collector'. Still others link him with Godarzian/Khan, an Iranian who had penetrated RFK's campaign team before the assassination. Given the dubious motive ascribed to Sirhan (anti-Israel, Phantom jets, Palestine) pointing disingenuously towards the Middle East - and the allegations about Mossad/Iranian assassins - Wayne/Wien is not simply a person of interest.  If one were to connect the dots, his involvement points towards a central player in all of the plots and subterfuge ... James Angleton.

So, here we have a guy who resembled Sirhan; was: seen in a group that included Sirhan; obtained a ride from the notorious Khaibar Khan;  was observed (by several people) to have a gun as he ran out of the pantry; and was apprehended by an ACE security guard.  Wayne denied any knowledge of Keith Duane Gilbert (a white supremacist, Minuteman, and a founder of The Socialist Nationalist Aryan People's Party), and did not remember having his card. But Gilbert’s LAPD file contained a business card as well; one belonging to Michael Wayne. LAPD Sergeant Manual Gutierrez purportedly spent a great deal of time trying to find out whether there was any association between Wayne and Gilbert, a radical Minuteman activist. Gutierrez did not believe Wayne’s denials of a relationship, and ultimately pushed to have Wayne polygraphed. Not surprisingly, Hernandez determined Wayne was "truthful" about not knowing Gilbert.

The LAPD and SUS ended up claiming that that the Michael Wayne card in Gilbert’s file referred to a different person; they never explained the reverse possession, nor did they adequately investigate Wayne’s affiliations and connections.


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