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Can We Agree that Allen Dulles was a Ringmaster of the JFKA?

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12 hours ago, Benjamin Cole said:



I handle most of your q's in 



Verily, a great deal of complicity after the fact---Sylvia Meagher's Accessories After the Fact-1967 still holds a lot of water. That's how obvious the post-JFKA cover-up was. 

Larry Hancock suggests the reason the post-JFKA cover-up was so obvious, mangled and crude is that there was, in fact, not much in the way of pre-JFKA planning. I defer to Hancock as a default position. 

That said, my take (different perhaps from Hancock's) is LHO was being run by the CIA, and they planned to use a witting LHO in a false-flag fake JFK assassination attempt. Ergo, the biography build on LHO.  

Cuban exiles piggybacked on the false-flag op, and made it real. 

Yes, the WC was a cover-up, and much that the CIA has done since in media, etc. The FBI destroyed and manufactured evidence (CE 399).  

This cover-up has allowed a mythology to build, that the JFKA itself must have been a very sophisticated operation. But a true and dreadnought investigation starting on Nov. 22 might have cracked the case within a few days. 

If LHO had lived, he might eventually have spilled the beans.  

As a basic premise, my take is that successful conspiracies, especially on the supremely explosive topic of assassinating a US president, require fewer, rather than many, participants. 

The versions of the JFKA requiring dozens of malicious and witting participants, high and low across many organization lines....well, for me, they just don't hold water. 

Think small!



That does make sense to me.  But then, what about the military?  It seems that they were in control of the autopsy and directed the autopsy physicians.  Then again, the military could have been part of the false flag operation and they needed to quickly cover their rears. 

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On 9/18/2021 at 5:19 AM, W. Niederhut said:

How do you explain the pre-arranged, skillfully orchestrated psy op throughout the U.S. and international media that was launched on 11/22/63-- before Oswald was ever charged with a crime?

The deployment of fake Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza, and confiscation of cameras?

The confiscation and scrubbing of evidence-- including JFK's body and the limo?

Henry Luce and C.D. Jackson's purchase and sequestration of the Zapruder film?

The role of known CIA asset and Dallas mayor Earl Cabell in the motorcade and post-assassination public relations?

Aside from the details of the hit, the assassination was, obviously, a complex psy op, orchestrated on a very high level by people involved with the mainstream media.

Well, I must have missed Ben's alleged "answers" to my questions (above.)

That seems to happen frequently here in "debates" with Ben-- about Prouty, January 6th, 9/11, or what have you.

The contrary evidence and rebuttals are routinely ignored, and the erroneous thesis is simply re-posted.

The purchase of the Zapruder film by C.D. Jackson, and reversed stills published in Life magazine, are one example among many of the fact that the cover up of JFK's assassination entailed a sophisticated, high-level psy op.

Other examples are the pre-planned newspaper articles with photos of Oswald holding a rifle-- to immediately establish control of the false "Lone Nut" narrative.

When Col. Fletcher Prouty picked up a newspaper in Christchurch, New Zealand shortly after JFK's murder, he readily recognized the professionally-managed CIA psy op framing Oswald as the crazy lone assassin-- who had not even been charged with a crime at that point.

Can anyone really argue with a straight face that the 58 year CIA psy op covering up JFK's murder has not been carefully and aggressively orchestrated by powerful people working with our mainstream media?

How can that possibly be evidence of a "small scale" assassination op in Dallas?

The latest examples, among thousands, were the ridiculous hit pieces in the Daily Beast and Washington Post (by Sonny Bunch) about Oliver Stone's new movie, JFK Revisited.

Come on, man...  What planet are we living on?



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Pages 39-41 in particular... DAP 'testifying' about the alleged tapes that were made of Oswald supposedly telephoning the Russian Embassy in Mex City..."The procedure was that a transcript would be made of [such] tapes and then they would be erased..."  This is Phillips saying this right after he told Sprague that he did not know where the tapes were located.     :eek


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