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Crackpots, gadflies and the mercenary

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This thread title is borrowed from Benjamin Cole’s response to my (tongue in cheek) suggestion that James Files could have been a handgun shooter behind the picket fence. I thought it a great term for the perennial time wasters and attention seekers who waste researchers valuable time in their quest for fame or monetary reward.

Are there many more who have been totally debunked and cast aside to wander in the wastelands of anonymity and failure?

I nominate Wim Dankebarr, James Files, Judyth Vary Baker and Beverley Oliver to begin with……..

Just for fun, no prizes this time



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Yes, Lt. Colonel James Fetzer. He can always be counted on to endorse or come up with the most ludicrous theories and claims, especially in the case of the President's murder. But, then, what are  Marine colonels suppose to do in the aftermath of a military coup.

P.S. Thank you for laying down some cover for me in the other thread.

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15 hours ago, Benjamin Cole said:

I am vying for gadfly status too. That's one cut above a crank, and I will take it. I look down on crackpots, however. 

Speaking as the house gadfly, it's not a job for everybody.  If you fall into the soup, you only have two excuses:

  • "What am I doing here?  The backstroke."
  • "It's OK - I won't drink much."
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