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The Mysteries Around Ida Dox by Tim Smith (at K&K)

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Baden made his media career by going along with the Kennedy case official story.

What really happened to JFK did not concern him.

When Sprague was forced to leave, this was a very powerful message. And its pretty clear that Baden, Purdy and Flanagan got it.

In addition to this deception, there was also the charade with the disappearing baseball sized hole in the back of Kennedy's head. They went along with that one also.  And no one will admit today who wrote it.

As I said above, what Tim's essay does is it shows us that in some respects, the HSCA was as bad as the Warren Commission.

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On 9/21/2021 at 10:22 PM, James DiEugenio said:


3. She lied to Tim about not having a brain photo. And about no illustrative enhancing.  

5. She does not want to admit she was given copies to work with at the HSCA offices.


These are two of the things I was referring to when I said that her answers to Tim's questions were revealing.

My intent was to not to reveal Tim's conclusions or findings in my own post, as I did not want to put those things in my words but rather wanted people to go read the piece and see it in Tim's words.

Though I did paraphrase and explain how she denied working based on copies, and shared my opinion that her defensiveness and denying something that is a known fact (she testified to it under oath) is a manifestation of her psychological or emotion state: her knowing full well she participated in a cover-up, and at once probably also feeling too proud to acknowledge this, created so much discomfort that she irrationally denied something not-very-important just to be argumentative with Smith.

Why bother denying using copies, after all? Especially after having testified to having done so?  It only makes sense in terms of it being an irrational emotional response related to her possible feelings of guilt, shame, and her pride conflicting with her surely knowing she was part and parcel to something that she has to know was wrong.

I wonder how Dr. Baden's career might have gone had he not did what he did. I see he's in the news just this week talking about that Gabbi girl's disappearance. Guy was also in the news and involved in the Epstein case. I can't help but think his success and exposure was a reward for what he did in the JFK case.


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4 hours ago, Richard Booth said:

And this week the Gabbi Petito case, and he had a series on HBO.

Shiling for JFK's killers is great for the career.

Seems like he is the medical fixer. He might be compromised like Bugliosi. A forensic analysis of his accounting/net worth and assets throughout his career would be interesting. I suspect its increased substantially at various points. 

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