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The CIA spy in Cuba

Douglas Caddy

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On 9/23/2021 at 10:06 AM, Douglas Caddy said:

The article was very interesting.  I wonder what Larry, David or Stu think about Crozier.

I also wonder about the short USA Today video at the end, from 2019 as well.   It mentions an FBI memo from Hoover on 12/19/63 denying any information about a Alleged meeting a week before the assassination.  Which Tippit was "Rumored" to have attended.

I've not read of this.  Can anyone offer any insight?  It's supposedly from files released in 2019 (?).

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Crozier was by all reports a respected member of JMWAVE. He, unfortunately, was the case officer for the DRE. The DRE (Student Revolutionary Directorate) was composed of young independent minded members. In other words, the CIA could not control them. One example was when Crozier under the alias of Roger Fox accompanied 9 DRE members to the 8th World Youth Festival in Helsinki, July-Aug 1962. John Koch and Enrique Beloyra were so disruptive that the Finnish police "detained" Koch and Beloyra and banned the remaining members from speaking at the festival. Despite the ban, Carlos Hernandez, Juan Salvat and Anna Diaz-Silveira managed to speak and draw attention to Koch and Beloyra's detention. The Finnish police released them both on the condition that they leave Finland the next day.
It didn't take DRE members (Salvat, Hernandez, Blanco) long before they caused an international incident by firing on the Blanquita hotel in Havana (Aug 24th). Both Czech and Russian officers were staying there. The purpose was to bring attention that Russians were in Cuba. They also reported that there were Soviet missiles in Cuba.
The end for Crozier aka "the man in Miami" came when he asked Luis Fernandez-Rocha (AMHINT-53) and Salvat and three others to infiltrate Cuba on either Oct 23-24 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ostensibly to report on military intelligence but told they might have to direct artillery fire.
Their Today Show interview on Nov 12 and a newspaper article bought DRE members Fernandez-Rocha and Jose Lasa a face to face  meeting with the Dark Lord himself, Richard Helms on Nov 13, 1962. Nestor Sanchez translated.
Helms informed them at this meeting that there would be a change in their contact in Miami. (He would replace Crozier with George Joannides alias Walter Newby). He said that (Joannides) could come directly to him (Helms) if he needed any clarification.
 Fernandez-Rocha Report to Joannides aka Howard
Even after Joannides(Newby) replaced Crozier, the DRE were still doing their own thing. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=16129#relPageId=3
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The key takeaway - a JMWAVE agent and precursor to Joannides didn’t buy the official story either:

Today, Lilliam remembers her dad “being sort of angry that we weren’t going to get any answers... and just really wondering about it: Was it (Lee Harvey) Oswald who shot the president like we all thought? And he conveniently gets shot himself?” 

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