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Robert Gettlin Answers Questions About "Silent Coup"

S.T. Patrick

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Robert Gettlin, the co-author of Silent Coup: The Removal of a President, joins S.T. Patrick to discuss the memory of friend Len Colodny, Watergate, and the writing of Silent Coup. There has long been a question about whether Gettlin disavowed Silent Coup when his name did not appear as an author on the book’s 25th anniversary paperback edition (Trine Day). That is answered in this episode. Gettlin also addresses the John Dean lawsuit, the origin of the friendship and co-authorship with Len Colodny, the books that should be Watergate canon, the importance of J. Anthony Lukas, the dangers to a presidency of the military-industrial complex, whether Watergate was a “golden age of journalism,” how Silent Coup was marketed, and much more.



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