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Jim DiEugenio interviewed about James Woolsey's book

James DiEugenio

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I think this is one of the best interviews I have ever participated in.

Its about the Woolsey book but a lot more than that.  Its something I have been exploring now for about eight years.  How Kennedy's foreign policy was consciously, step by step, eviscerated after his death. The last step being when Cheney and Rumsfeld got Ford to clip Kissinger's wings over detente with Russia.  That was the last gasp.  And this gave birth to the Neocons.  That was it for Kennedy's vision. Today the neocons dominate both parties, thanks Henry Jackson. And Kennedy's foreign policy is something we talk about on forums and at seminars.

How America became a neocon nation.



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A great interview. 

Yes, the neocons have prevailed, and maybe even worse than that. 

The multinationals of Smedley Butler's day, or even JFK's day, were large, but usually just resource companies, that is in agriculture, oil, mining, etc. They wanted the US military and foreign policy to represent their interests, with gunboats and subterfuge if necessary. 

Today we have the Apples, the Disneys, the GMs, the Teslas, BlackRocks, the WalMart, the Googles et al that operate globally, and are much larger than the multinationals of yore. Apple's market cap is $2.3 trillion (yes, with a "t"). They are all happy to do business with communist China, btw. By comparison, Freeport McMoran, the former Freeport Sulphur, has a market cap of $43 billion. 

The gigantic globalist community finances a daily tsunami of academics, think tanks, centers, foundations, media outlets, lobby groups and political campaigns. The US military, now a hypermobilized, mercenary force, is the global guard service for the new colossus class of multinationals.

As DiEugenio points out in the interview, the Donks are just as much in bed with the globalist-neocons at the 'Phants. Maybe more so, if you look at the "populist" wing of the GOP. 

No one even pretends anymore that the job of the US military is prevent a military invasion of the US. It is to represent "US interests" globally. To be in wars for 20 years is considered normal, to have bases in Germany 75 years after beating Hitler is normal.  

The bitter irony of this new colossus class of multinationals is seen in Hong Kong. Beijing's CCP has thrown the 73-year-old publisher Jimmy Lai into prison for being a publisher. That, of course, is just a small part of the tip of the iceberg to what the CCP is doing. 

You think Apple is going to source outside China from now on? BlackRock will stop investing in China? WalMart will buy from somewhere else? Tesla just opened up a factory in Shanghai. We know what the multinationals think of human rights---it is seen in their actions in China. 

What is allowed on the internet is shrinking, under a guise of preventing "disinformation."  "Liberals" now pontificate how online information should be managed, even as they pass gigantic military budgets.  Google is on board with censorship, Twitter, Facebook too.

Kudos to DiEugenio for pulling back the curtain. What a time. 








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37 minutes ago, W. Niederhut said:

Is anyone else having trouble with the playback on this Parallax View interview?

Not sure if the problem is with my laptop, or with Mozilla Firefox.

It's sticky even on a PC with DSL.  Starting is delayed, and it doesn't like any jump-arounds.

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