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Allen Dulles and a plot to kill Hitler

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Bill Kelly, in his blog "JFKCountercoup" has done a lot of work in this area.  Here is an example of what Bill wrote on his Blog: David Talbot's new book "The Devil's. Chessboard" mentions the role Allen Dulles and his agent-mistress Mary Bancroft played in the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.

The significance of this has yet to be fully drawn out but the recurring Valkyrie theme that runs through the JFK assassination narrative certainly merits further scrutiny.


As I mention in my review of  "Devil's Chessboard" [http://JFKCountercoup.blogspot.com], [1] when it comes to killing Castro the CIA-Mafia plots get the most attention while the Valkyrie plot has been ignored despite its numerous direct ties to what happened at Dealey Plaza, beginning with Lee Harvey Oswald and Volkmar Schmidt.

It was at a party at Schmidt's Dallas home in February 1963 that George deMohrenschildts set up specifically for Oswald to meet Michael Paine when Schmidt says he talked privately with Oswald and first brought up the subject of the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.

In a phone conversation Schmidt told me that while talking with Oswald he used a reverse psychology technique he learned from a German doctor who knew some of those involved in the Valkyrie plot, and Schmidt actually mentioned the Valkyrie plot to Oswald.[2]

While discussing right-wing general Walker, Schmidt said he compared Walker to Hitler and asked if Hitler had been assassinated how different the world would be? Schmidt implied Walker should be killed before he became another Hitler.

Born in Germany and raised in his formative years by the German doctor, Schmidt was - like George  deMohrenschilts, an oil geologist. Schmidt was was recruited in Germany by Magnolia Oil company of Dallas - the company that used the red Pegasus sign as its logo and later merged with major conglomerates.

Schmidt told me that when he learned that Oswald had taken a shot at Walker and killed JFK he felt terribly guilty, especially every time he drove through Dealey Plaza, as he believed he was responsible for planting the assassination seed in Oswald's mind.

Schmidt told me that he felt responsible saying, "naturally it was a terrible responsibility, and for years when I drove past the underpass I literally had to cry because, you know. But I exonerate myself completely because I had the best intent, embarrassed Kennedy...I may have triggered it. Actually, a few days after I talked with him, he bought his weapons."

Shortly after the Walker incident Oswald packed up all his family belongings, including the rifle said to have been used to shoot at Walker, and was about to suddenly and unexpectedly move his family to his home town of New Orleans. But Mrs. Paine, who was driving them to the bus station, suggested Marina and the daughter should stay with her in Texas while Oswald went on alone to New Orleans, find a job and apartment and then she would drive them there when he was settled in.[3]

And that he did, getting a job at Riely Coffee and an apartment on Magazine Street while reconnecting with his mother's sister aunt Muriel and uncle Dutz Murret.

Ruth Paine then drove Marina, the daughter and the Oswald's belongings, including the rifle, to New Orleans.

After an interesting and eventful summer in the Crescent City, the Oswalds considered returning to Texas. Ruth Paine wrote to the pregnant Marina and invited her to come and live with her in Texas until she had the baby. If she agreed, Ruth Paine wrote, Marina should write her a letter in care of Arthur Young, Paoli, Pennsylvania, where she would be visiting her husband's mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young. [4]

Ruth Paine was on a summer station wagon vacation with her kids driving to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C.  and Ohio visiting friends and family. Ruth wrote to Marina saying if she agreed to move in with her in the return letter she would pick Marina up in New Orleans and take her to Texas while Oswald went to look for work in Philadelphia.

One of the places Ruth Paine visited on the trip was the Forbes family Island off Massachusetts before driving to the suburban Philadelphia farm of her husband Michael's mother.[5]

An eccentric heiress and humanitarian member of Cord Meyer's World Federalists - Ruth Forbes Paine had married the equally eccentric Arthur Young, genius inventor of the Bell Helicopter 47A - the MASH helicopter with glass bubble and girders.[6]

Arthur Young got his son-in-law Michael Paine a job at Bell Helicopter in Texas,  and it was in care of Arthur Young that Marina wrote to Ruth Hyde Paine agreeing to the new arrangements - she would go to Texas to have the baby and wait for Ruth Paine to pick her up in New Orleans.

Most significant however is Michael's mom Ruth Forbes Paine Young's association with Mary Bancroft, Allen Dulles's agent and mistress who was intimately involved in the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.[7]

In the late 1930s Ruth Forbes Paine traveled with Mary Bancroft on a steamship to Europe when Bancroft met a Swiss businessman who she would marry, putting her in position, when the Second World War broke out, to meet and work with Allen Dulles.

While working with Dulles, the top OSS chef in Europe, Bancroft met Hans B. Gisevius, a poopoo officer who was involved in the Valkyrie plot.

Years in the making the Valkyrie assassination and coup plan stemmed mainly from disgruntled military officers and it fell to Claus Von Stauffenberg to carry out, leaving a briefcase bomb under a map table next to Hitler in the Wolfsschanze Eagles Lair bunker in Bavaria.

Dulles and Gisevius had opposed the use of a bomb, preferring a pistol up close or a sniper in a motorcade ambush as more likely to succeed and their fears proved true. 
Gisevius  supported the coup but was against the bomb plot. He told Von Stauffenberg "I just I have the feeling we'll never succeed. I'm not speaking through fear. But I have a feeling very few of us will be alive this time next year, regardless of what happens with your bomb.">The bomb failed to kill Hitler and hundreds, some say thousands were subsequently rounded up and executed, but Gisevius escaped with the assistance of Bancroft and Dulles, who provided him with fake credentials.

After the war Bancroft translated Gisevius' account of the Third Reich and after Gisevius testified against the poopoo leadership at Nuremberg, Dulles brought him to Washington as a CIA consultant. In Washington Dulles arranged for the ex-poopoo officer to stay with his deputy Tom Braden, who lived with his wife and their eight kids in a big house next to RFK's Hickory Hill. Braden would write a book Eight Is Enough that would be made into a popular family TV show and pattern for The Brady Bunch, and an episode on the ex-poopoo living with all those kids would certainly be entertaining. As Talbot notes, Braden also interviewed Allen Dulles for the Kennedy Library. [9]

So after visiting Michael's mother, Mary Bancroft's good friend in Philadelphia, where Ruth Paine got Marina's letter, she drove to DC and visited her sister, who worked at the CIA, and then went on to Ohio to see her father before picking up Marina in New Orleans. [10]

Arriving in New Orleans in late September Ruth Paine stayed the night and the next day took Marina, the daughter and the Oswald's belongings including the rifle and drove them to Texas. Early the following morning Oswald slipped out  town and went to Mexico City to visit the Cuban and Soviet embassies.

The same September 25th day in Washington DC CIA officer Desmond Fitzgerald briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  temporarily chaired by Air Force Chief Gen. Curtis LeMay while Gen. Taylor was in Vietnam.

Fitzgerald reported to the Joint Chiefs on the CIA's Cuban covert operations with emphasis on how the military could support them, an assignment given USMC Gen. Krulak, whose aide Colonel Higgins was in attendance. Higgins' memo of the meeting, released under the JFK Act, includes the bullet point that Fitzgerald mentioned the CIA was studying the Valkyrie plot and adapting it to use against Castro.[11]

September 24-25, 1963 was a busy time on the Devil's Chessboard as there were many moves by key players besides Ruth Paine moving Marina and the rifle to Texas, Oswald leaving for Mexico and Fitzgerald briefing the Joint Chiefs.

JFK signed National Security Action Memo approving "Project Four Leaves," a military communications order that remains classified. [12]

JFK then he left on a "Conservation Tour," first stop in northeast Pennsylvania to visit Mary Pinchot Meyer's mother in Milford, Pennsylvania. Mary Pinchot had met JFK thru his college schoolmate William Attwood, who would later become an intermediary between JFK and Castro, before she married Cord Meyer.  Meyer was an ex-Marine who founded the World Federalists in support of a strong United Nations, an organization that included Philadelphia college student Priscilla Johnson and Ruth Forbes Paine Young, Michael's mom and Mary Bancroft's good friend. [13]

Cord Meyer joined the CIA in 1951 and became one of Dulles' top deputies, eventually replacing Tom Braden as chief of the International Organizations Division.

While Mary Meyer had separated from Cord Meyer, she maintained her friendship with JFK and she accompanied him on the first leg of the September Conservation Tour that took JFK to her mother's house. Then JFK moved on to the Mid-West during which the details of the president's November trip to Texas were announced.

When Oswald returned to Texas from Mexico Ruth Paine helped arrange for him to get a job at the Texas School Book Depository, a building owned by D.H. Byrd, a founder of the Civil Air Patrol in Texas, an organization Oswald was affiliated with in New Orleans.

Byrd was good friends with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis LeMay, and at the time of the assassination, when Oswald was allegedly shooting at president Kennedy from his building, Byrd was on an African Safari with a German Barron whose father (same name), according to one OSS document source, was an assassination expert after WWI and the son an avid supporter of the Valkyrie plot who wrote a manifesto on the plot after it failed. [14]

There are a half dozen references to the Valkyrie plot in the natural course of the JFK assassination narrative, which requires further, more in-depth analysis as it relates to what happened at Dealey Plaza.

Washington attorney Jim Lesar, director of the Assassinations Archive and Research Center, filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the CIA documents related to the CIA study of the Valkyrie plot that was to be used against Castro, as mentioned in the Higgins Memo.

Until we get these records however, we can see for our selves how the CIA tried to adapt the Valkyrie plan to be used against Castro, as they did try to recruit some disenchanted Cuban military officers who were close to Castro including Rolando Cubella (AMLASH) and Gen. Almeida, both of whom have been extensively reviewed and analyzed elsewhere.

Among the differences in the Valkyrie plan and the post-Mafia plots to kill Castro we find that the idea of using a bomb was discarded in favor of a sniper attack on Castro while he was riding in an open Jeep, a common situation.

Other aspects of the Valkyrie plan that were adopted besides the murder of Castro and the take over of the Cuban government was the Northwoods style psych-war media campaign to blame the assassination on communists.

When news of the CIA's plans to kill Castro were made public it was at first suggested that Castro retaliated and killed JFK before the CIA could kill him, but others claimed it was more likely that one of the CIA plans to kill Castro was redirected to kill JFK instead. If that was the case then it must have been a CIA plan that utilized a sniper attack on an open car motorcade, one of a number the CIA had on the shelf ready to go, waiting for the right situation to present itself.

Among the CIA plans to kill Castro that utilized snipers attacking an open car in a motorcade were the Hemingway House affair - discussions after the fact, and the Pathfinder plan to shoot Castro when he visited a north shore resort he was known to frequent.

Both required accurate high powered rifles with scopes, similar to the ones they attempted to infiltrate into Cuba on October 31, 1963 when the CIA raider ship The Rex deposited anti-Castro commandos with high powered rifles with scopes who were captured and paraded on Cuban TV the next day.  The story made the front page of the November 1, 1963 New York Times, and the names of the captured commandos are mentioned in Red Friday, the book written by Carlos Bringuier, the DRE Cuban Oswald was arrested with in New Orleans. [15]

One important aspect of the Valkyrie plan was a psych war operation to blame the assassination of Hitler on the SS, and monitor and control the media reports, just as the Dealey Plaza operation included blaming the assassination on Castro, a psych war campaign using media assets that continues today.

Besides the assassination, coup and psych-war aspects of the Valkyrie plot that could have been adapted to use against Castro and may have been redirected to JFK at Dealey Plaza, there was one other important part of the Valkyrie plan that could have been used - getting the victim to sign off on the operation.

Von Stauffenberg drew up the Valkyrie plan as a response to a possible revolt by slave laborers by mobilizing the home guard to quell the revolt and seize key government buildings and communications facilities.  Hitler approved and signed off on the plan without knowing the secret Phase that required his elimination. [16]

I don't know if this part of the Valkyrie plan was adapted for use against Castro, but the National Security Council and JFK did approve a number of violent covert operations against targets in Cuba, but JFK rejected the assassination plans. RFK however, did pressure Des Fitzgerald and others to step up their Cuban ops against Castro and RFK was personally introduced to some of the anti-Castro commandos who were being sent to Cuba to attack strategic installations and infiltrate rifle teams.[17]

The National Security Action memo authorizing a special military communications project Four Leaves could also be revealing once it is declassified.

The use of Phase One and Phase Two parts of the plan is another interesting parallel between Valkyrie and Dealey Plaza as they are the same terms used by Von Stauffenberg for Valkyrie and professor Peter Dale Scott to describe the official response to the assassination of JFK. According to Scott's analysis the original Phase One is the disinformation cover story to blame the assassination of JFK on Castro, that could have instigated a full scale US military attack on Cuba, that was subsequently superseded by the Phase Two promotion of the of the deranged lone assassin being responsible for the act.

In conclusion, if the CIA plans to kill Fidel Castro had anything to do with the assassination of JFK at Dealey Plaza then the CIA's proposed adaption of the Valkyrie plot to be used against Castro should be explored in detail.

Bill Kelly



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17) Re: Pathfinder records - ARRB interviews with NPIC employes stationed at JMWAVE, where the CIA officers kept the Pathfinder documents filed separately from regular station files by keeping them in the NPIC section.
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Chuck - nicely done. I’ve read all of Bill Kelly’s work on this, as well as Talbot. The only quibble I have is the connection to Volkmar Schmidt, whose story seems part of the Dallas incrimination of Oswald. Schmidt’s guilt over turning Oswald into an assassin is a bit much. What do you think? I doubt that Oswald ever went to Mexico City, though if he did there was impersonation going on there anyway. And I’m not sure he tried to kill Walker.

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I do have some doubts that LHO ever went to Mexico City, but I would not rule it out. I do not think the LHO tried to kill Walker - that episode was designed to show that LHO was a killer.-part of the creation of a false biography of LHO.  Mae Brussell did document a connection between V. Schmidt and Walker.   And, there was an article that said V Schmidt worked with Craford on killing JFK in Houston, which is a bit much. To me, the main take away from the Valkarie episode is that Fitzgerald said (to the JCS) the CIA would study the Valkarie plot in order to kill Castro. Could be. Also, it could be they (Dulles. McCone, McCloy and DAP) used it  / studied it in order to kill JFK. 

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