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JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass

Denny Zartman

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3 hours ago, Anthony Thorne said:

A powerful moment from the opening montage in the movie.

Two men on live TV are listening to an interview with a woman in Dallas.

"Where did the shots come from?"

"The shots came from the hill."

A hand immediately attempts to reach towards the microphone, to take the woman off the air.

The woman in question is Jean Hill-see 11:13


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Watched it last night and really enjoyed it. Went by really fast; I bet I will prefer the longer cut.

Great stuff on CE399 I never knew, and the head wound stuff was really good. Very persuasive.

I've haven't done much reading about the girls on the stairs, so my question on that is that I assume the way it was answered was that Oswald beat everyone down the stairs? I'd like to hear about any other evidence of alternate escape routes, as there was definitely one or more people up there, as observed by Rowland and seen on the Hughes film.

Great work, Jim and Mr. Stone.

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Congratulations Jim, the documentary is really amazing, particularly the way it was edited. The scope of what was attempted was unlike any other documentary I can think of. With a great disparity in audience knowledge and a topic so dense that it could easily fill a 20 season, hour long weekly show, it’s a great credit that all viewers benefit from watching it.

Some of the footage, video/audio, was just astounding and really add a personal touch for the audience. The way in which that media was blended with on screen graphics and was “storyboarded” for continuity was 10/10.  I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to edit it all down to 2 hours and leave out so many things that various people probably wanted in, but given that necessity, I’m not sure it could have been improved on.

Like many people interested in the JFK case to this level, naturally I would have preferred a 4-6 part series that could have afforded more deliberation, but in reality, for the vast majority of the public, this is probably the best solution. With today’s “epic” genre film basically having been reduced to anything over 2 hours (due to decreased audience attention spans? As a film fan, I’d appreciate Mr. McBride’s comment on that), it’s doubtful the general public could maintain focus for a longer series.


It’ll be interesting to re-watch. Thank you for your great work Jim. 

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Thanks so much Dennis.

Perceptive of you to notice that really nice editing job by Kurt Mattilia.

We had about fifty hours of interviews, like maybe 46 to be exact since we talked to 29- 30 people.

Kurt did a really fine job in getting it down to two accessible hours. And man does it go by fast.  How he got 23 people into that 2 hours is amazing.

Everyone who likes this wants to see the four hour version.  And to be honest, I like that one a bit better since it has more material in it e.g. Kennedy's foreign policy, and on Oswald.  And you are also correct, it could have been easily a six night special series. We had that much good stuff in those interviews.  That is why there will be a book of the film.

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As Barry explains in his book, they moved back the time when Adams and Styles departed.

And then they tried to get Shelley and Lovelady to cooperate with them, but that did not work out very well.

Its really a disgrace what Belin did in this instance.  I mean if this was not the kangaroo court it was, Belin probably would have been met with a disbarment proceeding. And the icing on the cake was when Barry found the Stroud document.  Where you had a third witness who was there the whole time on the stairwell.

The key point about that? This was addressed to Rankin, and the Commission was still in session. So they knew while they were still working.

Barry said, if not for the ARRB, that probably would not have surfaced for a long, long time.


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I just finished the 2 hour version. I found it a bit underwhelming myself. Not trying to knock it or anything by any means. I thought maybe it's just because I'm pretty knowledgeable about the case that I've heard and read all this stuff before. And that those who aren't as familiar with the subject matter would find this just as eye opening and shocking as I found movies and documentaries when I first started getting into the case. But I can watch the film JFK and it has that same impact on me like when I first saw it. It hits the right beats and is suspenseful. I know that comparing movies and documentaries are like comparing apples and oranges but it just felt a little flat to me. Especially since I really enjoyed the Untold History series so much. Really looking forward to the 4 hour one. I feel like maybe this one was just geared towards casual followers of the assassination and the 4 hour will be more for those who really want to sink their teeth into the case.

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