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JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass

Denny Zartman

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On 11/20/2021 at 9:09 AM, Steve Roe said:

Let's face facts here, the film is a flop here in North America. To his credit, Oliver Stone recognizes the reality of the situation when he states there was little attention in the film. 

Now it's down to Social Media platforms to try to breathe some life in the film. Well, good luck with that!

The film has glaring errors, omissions, and "creative editing" to put forth this conspiracy. One researcher pointed out how Stone's Editor snipped and edited Bill Newman's historical eye-witness account to fit the story. I don't care what you say, but intentionally playing around with historical film clips like that, is highly unethical. 

 All JFK enthusiasts have to wake up to the cold hard fact that this is not 1991, and the JFK Assassination interest has waned dramatically over the years in the public. The subject is so saturated with books, films, forums that do nothing but confuse those new to the case. 

Also, in my opinion, a large population of Americans are sick and tired of Conspiracy Theories, from 9/11 to QAnon to RFK and of course JFK.  

I admire Oliver Stone for being candid and honest about the film's lack of interest, something you will seldom read here in this forum. 


I will agree with one thing, newer people to the case are confused because "everyone" killed JFK, too many theories. I though agree there was a conspiracy, but with everyone throwing things at the wall, the real points get lost. This doc is real good and talks evidence rather than craziness.

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I watched it twice and caught things in the second viewing I missed in the first. I knew a lot of this from reading, but still learned new things. I have been reading since the 80s, when I picked up Reasonable Doubt for a book report. Can we get a good Doc on just the Tippit murder? Would love to break that down. Some use that murder to prove the Kennedy murder, which is furthest from the truth.

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The film is doing  well, just look at the metrics that matter. The people.

Oliver said that before the film was broadcast.  That is not the case now, his op ed was published in Hollywood Reporter, and his interview in USA Today.  I will be on Coast to Coast on December 6th and in Australia tomorrow. Those are facts.

And there is more to come. 

Man wait until they see the four hour version. Which is what people are clamoring for. Litwin will have a hernia. Roe has whiffed three times on this and you only get 3 strikes. What he wrote about Latona was just garbage. So no one should listen to anything he says at all.  Quack quack quack.

See, no one ever thought this material would ever get out there.  It did, and its driving the other side batty.


Thanks Derek. The film does need to be  watched more than once.  Its that densely packed. 

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BTW, the best proof that the film is doing well  is this: They honored the anniversary this year.

The last couple of years it just passed by with little or no notice.

Not this time.  They could not do that because of Oliver.

The people who are newbies are shocked by what is in the film.

The people in the know like the skill with which it was done.

Wait until you see the revelations in the four hour version.

And that one has much more about Kennedy. 

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Aaron Good has created a multi part series about JFK Revisited, hosted by the famous and illustrious Abby Martin.

Aaron is a real historian who works for CAM.  This series begins with Zach Sklar and myself. Zach co wrote the script for JFK and I wrote the script for JFK Revisited.

You will not find a better, more informed  discussion than this .

Other guests will be e. g. Peter Scott, Ellsberg, John Newman and Jamie Galbraith. The last two were the guys who did the Vietnam discussion for JFK Revisited. Here they get more time to do that.  Just excellent.  Real and current information from two people in the know through JK Galbraith and McNamara. For five bucks you cannot go wrong. Aaron has been banging the drum for us. Great guy and his new book American Exception is good also.


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