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Mort Sahl: An Appreciation by Bill Davy

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Forget every other memorial you have read about Mort Sahl.

This is the one that shows Mort went from being pretty much a millionaire to making 13 grand a year.  From hosting the Oscars, the Grammies and being on the cover of Time, to getting black balled.  It took Watergate to bring him back.  What a great guy.


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That's a lot of fascinating life, achievement and living.

What an incredible force of courageous social engagement and concerned moral energy in so many areas of the world all around him. And for so long!

San Francisco with it's hip clubs and uniquely quaint and open minded liberal sophistication scene was the perfect birth place for a young Mort Sahl to find his way and audience.

So well read. A true intellectual.

A hip Socratic icon figure of his time imo.

I wonder if Socrates enlightened his students with anything close to the wit of Sahl? 

Our last surviving hero of the New Orleans investigation and the overall JFK truth mission.

"The truth hurts, but the lies will kill you."

A simple but revealing summation of the JFKA and how we as a society have dealt with it for 58 years?

Great read about Mort Sahl here by Bill Davy.




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Mort was really one of a kind.  Only DIck Gregory comes even close to doing what he did.

And not even Gregory took the hit to his career that Mort did.

Mort actually lost two shows in LA because of his devotion to the JFK case.

It was Mort Sahl who got Jim Garrison the Playboy interview and the spot on The Tonight Show.   

After the latter, Carson felt so humiliated at what he had done--actually what NBC had made him do-- that he told Mort, "You will never be on this show again!"  And he was not, until Jay Leno took over.

He was very disappointed that the so called liberals let JFK's assassination slide.  He knew Vietnam would have never happened if Kennedy had not been killed. 

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