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The Day the Warren Commission Died

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Today, across Canada (Crave TV) and the United States (Showtime),  30 million people will have the opportunity to see that , as Senator Richard Schweiker says in JFK Revisited, the Warren Commission was one of the biggest cover ups ever to take place in the United States. 

They will also see that CE 399 was a fraud from the beginning.  That doing all these silly trajectory analyses was a perfect example of a cat chasing its tail. CE399 would have never been admitted at a legal proceeding. And the FBI would have been exposed as prevaricating about its chain of custody.

Millions will also view the work of the late John Hunt, who showed that the FBI also lied about Elmer Lee Todd's initials being on that bullet. And further that Frazier  had the bullet before Todd gave it to him!

They will also see a 25 year veteran neurologist say that the pictures of Kennedy's brain at NARA cannot be his. They will also hear from the man in the room, when official photographer John Stringer said of those photos, that he wasn't the one who took them. Which means, at any trial, those pictures would not be admitted.

They will see for the first time that the rifle in the BYP does not match up with the alleged rifle that Oswald ordered. And we are  specific about this and show things the HSCA and WC never brought up.

Millions of people will see for the first time that Oswald had an alibi that would have acquitted him in court.  And that the Warren Commission knew it. Which is why they kept Sandy Stiles out of the record.  And shockingly, J. Lee Rankin, the chief counsel, knew there was a third witness to Oswald not coming down those stairs, Dorothy Garner. And the document proving this was concealed for over thirty years.

For the first time, millions will know that the two FBI agents at the autopsy, Sibert and O'Neill, said the autopsy report was false. The back wound was not where the Commission said it was, and there was a hole in the rear of JFK's head. Arlen Specter kept their testimony out of the record.

For the first time they will see that George Burkley agreed with the placement of that back wound-twice. Once in the official death certificate and once on the face sheet, though his name is erased from the latter. They will also see that Burkley, in 1964, said he would not care to comment on the official verdict of the Commission. Specter kept him out of the record also.

For the first time they will learn that there were two prior plots to kill Kennedy in November: one in Tampa and one in Chicago. And they resembled what happened in Dallas.

Millions will see that Jerry Ford knew the WC was BS.  He told the president of France that they knew an organization had killed Kennedy but they could not figure out who. Was Lee Oswald "an organization"?

With that, the Warren Report becomes a minority report since Russell, Cooper and Boggs did not agree with the Single Bullet Fantasy. And the Commission schemed to conceal Russell's dissent.

I could go on and on, e.g. Sebastian La Tona. But finally a general audience will know the Commission was a pile of rubbish from the start. And that Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings were full of it.  Kennedy's assassination was a coup d'etat, a swift shift in power done to change policy ends.  As we show in the film, the Vietnam War was one result. And that godawful war contributed greatly to the social and political  disintegration of the USA.  

The truth after 58 years. 

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This guy gets it.  He just learned that there were plots to kill Kennedy in Chicago and Tampa in November.

And he wishes the film was longer.


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