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12 minutes ago, Benjamin Cole said:

Definitely, the short story is the "Deep State" has absorbed what used to be the liberal or left-wing, or anti-authoritarian media and of course the M$M. I am sure there are some exceptions, and some honest writers out there. 

It is interesting how many independent thinkers have moved away from "left-wing" media to speak freely, including Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Aaron Mate, Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball. 

Sheesh, here is Dick Russell writing a very important story for....The Defender, Children's Health Defense News & Views.  Who are they? 

Obviously, Russell could not get his story published except in a "right-wing" or alternative publication. These "left" and "right" wing divisions have become useless, btw. 

Interesting how many Deep State-subservient publications are now concurrently headlining the possibility of a "civil war" in the US.

Chance? Coordinated? Who knows? 

Well, what happens if you are politicians who keep dividing people with words and making them see the opposition as less than human? What happens if Fox & CNN keep cutting the country in two and make everything so polarised? If you whip the public up into a fever of passion, hatred and anger, it leads to terrible things. Of course we all know this, as we've seen the British government and the CIA do a great job of using this as a tactic to tear nations apart abroad. People have strength when unified, and weakness divided. It's a recipe for disaster. 

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