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The Rifle and its fake Documentation

Gil Jesus

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I don't believe that the rifle was ever shipped. I believe that the paperwork is all faked, that those responsible for the framing of Oswald had a 40" rifle serial number C2766 in their possession and made up the paperwork AFTER the assassination to match the rifle's serial number.

As their evidence, the FBI produced shipping documents that did not include the serial number of the rifle or the carton number that contained it. They produced a money order that was never processed and wasn't deposited and an envelope that was postmarked at a time when Oswald was proven to be at work.
They produced a deposit slip for February 13, 1963 and a monthly statement dated 3/15/63 and tried to pass them off as a March deposit. The Postal Service destroyed part 3 of the post office box application for box 2915 in order to hide the fact that the name "A.Hidell" was not on it and thus could not receive the rifle, then lied to the Commission by telling them the destruction was standard procedure.

In order for Oswald to have fired a shot at General Walker in April, they had to have him ordering the rifle from Klein's in March. The only 6.5 Italian rifle Klein's had in stock at that time was the 36" Troop Special. They couldn't have known that there was difference between the rifle they had and the rifle in the advertisement. So they made the paperwork that showed Oswald purchased a 36" rifle but used the same serial number as their 40" rifle, which, according to Louis Feldsott, was sold in June of 1962.

This is why the order form, Waldman 7, shows the rifle shipped as a 36" rifle bearing serial number C2766.

It wasn't necessary for Klein's to be involved in the framing, all they had to do was whatever the FBI requested they do. If the FBI wanted blank order forms, they'd get them. If they wanted order forms filled out or partially filled out, they'd get them. All they had to say was that they wanted them for comparison. Under the circumstances, Klein's would have complied with whatever the FBI wanted.

The FBI would fill out the rest.

They could very well have filled out the form and left the control number and the serial number blank. In fact, examination of the Waldman 7 indicates that more than one person filled out the form. The 2's, 5's and 6's are different.

This may have been the reason why Klein's shipping employees were never called to give testimony as to the authentication of the order form bearing the serial number C 2766.

The Klein's "records" were on microfilm. The FBI also had a microfilm machine and could have easily produced the documents.

The FBI could have taken the fake money order to Klein's and used their deposit stamp to stamp it, explaining why although it has the deposit stamp, there is no evidence that it was ever deposited in Klein's account.

The bottom line is that in the business world, you can't have a money order that wasn't processed and wasn't deposited and have a finished sales transaction. Regardless of what the item is, without payment, it's never going to be shipped.

The evidence that it wasn't paid for is the evidence that it was never shipped. This was a conspiracy to frame Oswald between the FBI and the Dallas Postal Inspector.

And there's the fact that if it WAS shipped, the rifle was too large to fit in a post office box.

So who at the Dallas Post office handed Oswald the rifle ?

Again, this is my opinion based on the evidence I've seen.


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Well stated, Gil.


I am with you up until your last question: ("who at the Dallas Post office handed Oswald the rifle?")

I don't believe there is any credible evidence that our "Oswald" actually picked up this or any rifle at any post office ever. 

We agree that he did not order one, he did not pay for one, and he did not receive one. 

Yet the rifle now at the National Archives does exist - it came from somewhere, and somebody planted it somewhere in the evidence stream in an effort to frame "Oswald." (I am not sure it was ever in the TSBD, but it eventually wound up in the hands of the FBI after, presumably, examination by Lt. J.C. Day of the DPD crime lab.)

I think it's likely that "Oswald" was supposed to be killed on Friday afternoon, but because he was alive, the conspirators had to improvise like mad on Friday evening to frame him. What you have described sure seems an ad lib performance by desperate men, anxious to cover their tracks. 

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Mr. BELIN. Would you please state your name for the record?
Mr. HOLMES. Harry D. Holmes. [Postal Inspector...FBI informant..and all around government insider]

Mr. BELIN. Where were you on November 22, 1963, around noon or so. That in the day of the assassination?
Mr. HOLMES. I was in my office on the fifth floor of the terminal annex building. located at the corner of Houston and Commerce Streets, Dallas, Tex.

Mr. BELIN. Did you see the motorcade turn from Main onto Houston?
Mr. HOLMES. Yes; I did.

Mr. BELIN. Were you looking with the aid of any optical instrument?
Mr. HOLMES. I had a pair of 7 1/2 x 50 binoculars. [Handy]

Mr. BELIN. Tell as what you did that you feel might be important that we should record here.
Mr. HOLMES. Of course I was in contact with the chief inspector in Washington [of course]

Mr. BELIN. I am handing you what has been marked as Holmes Deposition Exhibit No. 1. I will ask you to state what this is.
Mr. HOLMES. That is a photo copy of the original box rental application completed by Lee H. Oswald covering box No. 6225, which he completed on November the 1st, 1963.
Mr. BELIN. Where it says, date of application, that you gave, is it not?
Mr. HOLMES. Yes.
Mr. BELIN. I notice over here in--a notation on the side 11-22-63, with some initials on it. Do you know what that is?
Mr. HOLMES. Those are my initials and they indicate that I took the original box application from the post office records on that date.



Mr Expeditious...Harry D Holmes... was the last person to speak with him just before Oswald was murdered.

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