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Mike LeFlem on Greg Poulgrain and Indonesia

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I was disappointed that this part of the the film was cut out for the 2 hour version of JFK Revisited.

We had a nice segment on the overthrow of Sukarno in late 1965 and the bloody massacres that followed, in which up to and probably more than a half million perished. We featured Lisa Pease and Bradley Simpson.  They both said that this would not have not happened if Kennedy lived. That is utterly true. It will be in the four hour version.

In the meantime, please read and enjoy Mike LeFlem on Greg Poulgrain's fine book on the subject.  Greg also agrees that Sukarno would not have been overthrown if JFK had lived. His book features the best answer I have ever read on what really happened on the evening of September 30, 1965.  An event which the CIA called its masterpiece of covert action. And with which they used to frighten other communist leaders, like Allende in Chile.



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An excellent book and an excellent review.

My only quibble is with LeFlem's use of the word "imperialistic" to describe US foreign policy at the time. 

It may be a matter of semantics, but the actions of the globalist postwar US foreign-military policy are even worse than imperialism. The purpose is not primarily to extend US power, but to extend access for multinational commercial enterprises. 

Back to Smedley Butler's recognition that he was a bully boy for corporate interests. 

Today, the globalized, hyper-mobilized and mercenary US military has become a worldwide guard service for multinationals. 

The Pentagon-State Department serves no flag, but the dollar sign. When was the last time, or only time, you met an American who wanted to control Afghanistan? 

(This is no way should be taken as a criticism of individuals within the US military, most of whom have sincere ideals.)  



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Ben, that might be correct.

It certainly does apply to what happened in Indonesia.

Freeport ended up pretty much controlling not just West Irian, but Suharto. Who ended up getting a ten per cent cut.

But let me tell you something that  illustrates the difference between JFK and later LBJ and RMN.

In the fall of 1963, as Kennedy was advancing his Tufts University program to modernize Indonesia's economy, he appointed the trade representatives to deal with American businesses in the country. He gave them instructions that they were to arrange a 60-40 split in favor of Indonesia on their profits.

If you ever needed any more evidence as to how different Kennedy's policies were in the Third World, and how much money was on the table with his termination, there it is. It went from 60/40 in favor of the Indonesian government, to 90-10, and the ten went directly to the new dictator. NOt the Indonesian government as part of a modernization program.

BTW, Ben is on Black Op Radio this week talking about his latest article at K and K on Connally's clothes.

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