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JFK Secret Service agents Clint Hill & Gerald Blaine: POINT\COUNTER POINT- what they allege vs facts

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1) 0:01 Clint Hill on the wounds\what he implies versus the records and the facts (including fellow agents Winston Lawson and Sam Kinney ) 2) 2:49 Gerald Blaine's poor taste "assassin's club" comment about the grassy knoll versus what his colleagues said---Lem Johns: shot from knoll plus debunks notion that he was the mysterious knoll agent + Specter rips Hill for drinking the morning of 11/22/63; 3) 5:18 Clint Hill on the bubble top versus the record and the reality (many films and photos proving the top was used in good weather + Sam Kinney [1994 audio] took sole responsibility for its removal on 11/22/63 in interviews with me); 4) 19:16 Clint Hill on Greer versus what others said (but admits the brake lights went on!)----press witnesses Bo Byers, Mary Woodward + Dave Powers + press Tom Dillard: photographers flatbed truck cancelled at last minute; + ABC's Ron Gardner confirms building rooftops normally guarded, confirming my research; 5) 31:24 Gerald Blaine regarding the agent's alleged "silence" [yet they spoke to me in droves, as did Blaine and Hill] and the phony 11/25/63 meeting versus the real stories: Jesse Ventura [I am on 16 pages of his book] mentions my research on CNN + ABC's Ron Gardner on 11/22/63 wondering why agents weren't near the limo as they normally were + Clint Hill tells the REAL story in 2010 + fellow agents Sam Kinney, Floyd Boring, Gerald Behn, Don Lawton and Winston Lawson----plus Florida Congressman Sam Gibbons, who rode with JFK on 11/18/63 in Tampa, Dave Powers, Kenny O'Donnell----confirm that JFK did not order the agents off his car! [includes letter from June Kellerman, widow of Roy Kellerman] + amazing discovery of mine: Fort Worth police officer Rocky Stone on 11/22/63 says that President Kennedy was very cooperative with the Secret Service and he always went by their decisions!

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